The NWO Conspiracy Inside the 9/11 Conspiracy Could Be Closer To The Truth 1

US Presidents are Zionist Lap Dogs
In response to the US threat to Syria, Russia’s Vladimir Putin has allegedly authorized all media under his influence to promote full disclosure of the 9/11 inside job.

This Russia Today (RT) video segment may represent one such news release.

In the bigger picture, we can look at his event as another scripted Hegelian scenario – a conspiracy within a conspiracy to engineer an end-game where the so-called “conspiracy theorists” ultimately emerge as vanquished and righteous.

It’s more reasonable to assume that  Putin and Russian leaders have long been aware of the PNAC document and the years-old agenda to destabilize the middle-east.  The current destabilization of Syria, therefore has been anticipated years before 9/11.

The double-conspiracy involves handing the plurality of awakened truthers the victory of  vindication for being correct about the 9/11 “conspiracy theory” all along.

Matryoshka_Conspiracy within Conspiracy

This allows Russia and Putin to gain too much undeserved sympathy for pushing back US military imperialism forced on them by AIPAC and the “evil” Israeli lobby.

The end-game within the  end-game is the avoidance of WWIII and transition to a New World Order.  Populations in America would see Russian as a salvation from the tentacles of the terror-mongering Israelis.

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