Bob Tuskin Presents 9/11 Building 7 Collapse Challenge at University of Florida Reply

WTC-7 Collapse Lie

University of Florida students score “A+” on identifying controlled demolition of World Trade Center, Building 7.

A Hillary Clinton campaign volunteer thanked Bob Tuskin for bringing the Building 7 Challenge to the UF campus.

“I really appreciate this project and I think this is something that people need to get more behind as to what’s happening in our country and being more aware. And that’s part of the reason I joined the Hillary Clinton campaign”


WTC-7 Building Collapse – Re-Think 9/11

Government agencies like NIST get away with science fraud and deliberate lies to provide coverup for Neocon crimes. It’s little wonder the credibility of the US goverment is in free-fall decline.

It’s no coincidence that the crimes of 9/11 continue to be used as an excuse to wage illegal wars and systematically remove your civil rights.

911-twin Towers Crime Scene


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