Protest Songs Expose Toxic Contrails, Eco-terrorism and Climate Engineering 3

Kate willens MugSongwriter, Kate M. Willens has written a few excellent protest songs as a way to communicate the eco-terrorism currently inflicted on all inhabitants of planet earth.  Kate’s tunes are another way of raising public awareness concerning the critical issue of climate engineering and social injustice.

In 2015, we now have a “critical mass” among the general public in more than a dozen countries who now understand that aircraft are spraying toxic contrails into the air we breathe.  Disinformation agents who once populated the internet to debunk the aircraft spraying as normal contrails are increasingly exposed as agents of cognitive infiltration.

These tunes deserve to be promoted – especially to those who may be unaware of the chemical and biological warfare attacks being carried out on humanity.

clifford carnicom Institute logoKate also volunteers as an associate at Carnicom Institute, where she assists Cliff in providing the public with well researched data on geoengineering and the lesser known but related scourge of bio-engineered organisms sprayed from planes – aka, “The New Biology”.

America, Once the Beautiful

Sep 8, 2015 By Kate Willens

During the presidency of John F. Kennedy, America the Beautiful was given serious consideration as a National Anthem. Much has changed since then, including America’s natural beauty and healthfulness.

UPDATE 7/15: “Up, Up in the Sky” tune below is a Newly Released Version With Alternate Graphics

Songwriter, Kate M. Willens offers a remarkable protest song in an original composition, Up, Up In The Sky

Kate wrote the tune in the spirit of the 1960’s anti-war protest songs as an artistic expression to raise public awareness of a deep issue of social injustice.

Acclaimed guitarist, Nina Gerber also plays accompaniment in this well engineered and melodic tune that belies the seriousness of the topic.


“Bluer Than Blue” – A Call to Action protest tune to Stop Geo Engineering Stop Climate Modification.


Published on Jul 17, 2015: “Bluer Than Blue” This geoengineering protest song compares the skies of yesteryear with those of today. It is an attempt to raise awareness in people’s minds of how our skies have changed due to geoengineering programs. It is a protest and a plea for blue skies once again. There are no copyright restrictions on this music video. Please share.


UPDATE 6/28: “Up, Up In The Sky ” The video below is posted by German activist, Karl Schreiber. Kate’s song has now made it’s way across North America and several websites in Europe.

__________________________ Kate Magdalena Willens is releasing her new song “Up Up In The Sky” (download the MP3) which she wrote to awaken and inform others of the geoengineering occurring in our skies. Kate first became aware of chemical aerosols in 2011 when she began to observe the white linear aerosols left by planes, forming a haze which obscured the beauty of the natural deep blue skies of Northern California where she lives. She is aware of people’s hesitancy to consider the notion that toxic materials are being sprayed upon our lands without our knowledge or consent. She realizes that this truth is literally unbelievable. However her research, as well as her sensitivity to the natural world, have led to her conviction that this spraying of aerosols is indeed occurring, and not only in the United States, but in many countries across the globe. In addition to her work as a chaplain and musician, Kate volunteers as an Associate at Carnicom Institute, where she helps to provide the public with honest and reliable scientific information.

Kate has been singing all her life, and now she turns her talents to protest against the covert operations “Up Up In The Sky.” The song has been well-received on her SoundCloud site where she posted the first recording, featuring her singing with guitar. Her track features the song accompanied by acclaimed guitarist Nina Gerber. Kate’s voice has been described as pure, clear, and angelic.

Kate is hoping that many people will hear her song and want to know more about these operations. She hopes that you will play her song on your radio station, or feature it on your website. For further information, Kate can be contacted on her Soundcloud site or through her email.


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