Chemtrails as Short Wave Climate Engineering 1

Note: This article offers more confirmation that Chemtrails/Geoengineering is a weather modification/weaponization tool to manufacture climate change, and not to be confused with an effort to cool the climate against alleged global warming as proposed by geoengineer, David Keith.

Pete Ramon, is a Nanotechnology activist from Michigan.  Pete first became interested in Nanotechnology soon after first seeing chemtrails in 2009. (more)

Posted on September 8, 2014 by Pete Ramon

Fluid Dynamics: Video Game Industry and Weather Modification

Novim, a private climate “research” corporation calls it Solar Geoengineering while MIT has shown us pictures labeled  Shortwave Climate Engineering.

MIT, have shown us pictures labeled as solar geoengineering, while Novim calls it Shortwave Climate Engineering, and what many observers have been calling “chemtrails”.

Geoengineering being a misnomer, as is “nanotechnology” is to Ultra-precision Machining.

Solar Geoengineering, by aircraft, is weather modification by chemtrails, deployed in intricate numerical weather models. These numerical climate models represent entire cloud processes in the atmosphere, ranging from the “micro” to “nano” scales.

These models can also represent aerosols while representing fluid, that of which the atmosphere contains both particles and water (and gases).

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