DOCUMENTED: Climate Modification With NEXRAD Directed Energy and Chemical Aerosols 3

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Harry Rhodes Youtube Channel

NEXRAD Radar TornadoA comprehensive presentation documents cause and effect of directed energy propagation in combination with chemical aerosols to manipulate the climate.

Use of directed energy to change the weather is made clear where satellite images reveal many land-based transmitters including 8 NEXRAD radar towers geometrically configured in a remote field.



Evidence of Ionization and Cloud Formations over Tavolara, Sardinia.

Documented Directed Energy Antenna Site in Paris Creates Storms Over London


Directed Energy Climate Weapons Drive Warm Air Into Antarctic While Snow Falls in Australia

New Zealand Microwaved with South Pacific! Global Scale Weather AND Climate Modification!! EMF Microwave signature show how they manipulate the heat and air flow from the Gulf stream. *** More



  1. I read somewhere that 106 countries have ‘weather modification programmes’.
    Why do they do it?
    I’m in Cornwall, where we’ve probably had the wettest and coldest summer I can remember and I understand we have two Nexxrad systems. Is there any evidence that OUR weather is being changed and again, of so why?
    Someone told me that the jetstream had moved south, due to changes in weather over the Arctic?

    • I’m from Somerset and we had the same kind of Summer, definitely not like the summers I remember when I was young! Yes, there definitely is evidence the weather is being changed, you just need to observe the skies. The persistent trails you see are not water vapour, but comprised of metallic particulates and they use these, along with HAARP/Nexrad to move weather systems/the jet stream. They also use the trails to seed clouds, it’s all part of it.

      It’s down to you to observe and research, to find the evidence for yourself though, I cannot ‘prove’ anything to you.

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