Climate Change Caused by Directed Energy Weapons and Chemical Aerosols 8



Directed Energy Hurricane KILO Russia 8-30-2015

Kuril Islands, Russia

Both Islands

Bering and Medny i., Russia

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On August 30th I located a satellite image of a cyclone in the western Pacific and found evidence of weather modification.

The aerosols dumps become obvious when you zoom into the storm images using the NASA Worldview application.

Panning to the north revealed directed energy transmissions from several islands in the western Aleutian chain including two islands in Russian territory. Several Islands to the east broadcasting directed energy are in US territorial waters  Later, additional directed energy sites were located along Russia’s Kuril islands

Directed energy in the form of electromagnetic radio wave propagation is visible by satellite when it reacts with aerosols containing metallic particles dumped into the atmosphere. The result is a characteristic herringbone effect as seen by satellite image.

Herring Fish SkeletonThe Herringbone pattern is a verification that metallic aerosols are frequently dumped into the atmosphere to manipulate storms and the climate since ice crystals and water vapor have no ability to react to radio wave propagation in this way.

The Satellite view form the Aug 29th shows directed energy propagated to the SOUTHEAST from several islands in the eastern Aleutians.

Moving back one day to August 28 we see directed energy is focused in a different direction toward the NORTH EAST demonstrating that these sites have the ability to affect the climate in a radius thousands of square miles in the presence of metallic aerosols.

It’s of significant interest that directed energy from the Bering and Medny islands is documented here.  Both islands are in Russian territory.

This confirms that US and Russia are cooperating in a covert climate modification agenda despite the Media hysteria that the US, NATO and Russia are on the verge of World War III.

Chemical contrails and aerosol dumps are frequently seen over Russian and Chinese territory.

It should now be evident that Obama, Putin and heads of cooperating nations are remaining silent about the international network of climate change weapons in order to provide a cover-up for the contrived, IPCC global warming deception.


  1. This is blockbuster information that everyone needs to know. I’ve been warning people about the massive shill networks promoting climate change but failing to mention the mikitary

  2. Reblogged this on hatrickpenry and commented:
    Mr. Saive proves two things in this monumental video/article:
    1) climate change is being systematically engineered via aerosol dumps and electro-magnetics and
    2) Russia and the U.S. feign enmity between each other. In reality the two countries are partners in the effort to modify climate around the world.

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