Military Photographer Documents Fighter Jets Spraying Chemical Contrails 4

French-Indian Military Exercise “Garuda II”

Istres AFB, France

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The US Air Force continues to deny “Chemtrails”. They call it a “conspiracy theory”, even though the word was first used and published by the DoD as the title of an Air Force Academy chemistry course for future pilots for the 1990 Fall term. Eventually, “chemtrails” was used by civilian observers to describe artificial contrails in the mid-1990’s. Source

In 2005, military pilots from France and India spilled the beans at Garuda II with air-to-air video of aerosol spraying from two SU30K military jets.

India’s SU30K is an all-weather aircraft with extended range and mid-air refueling capability – well suited for high altitude/high speed chemical aerosol pollution into the environment.

Garuda II Exercise.

Jet aircraft SU30K


Original Video

Su30K – Click to ZOOM



  1. There was a video of the military jets launching rockets to create massive chemtrail fronts. Does anyone have the link? I can’t seem to find it in my bookmarks of emails. This was uploaded over a year ago.

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