Governor Jerry Brown Ignores Evidence of Geoengineered California Drought 3

Governor Jerry Brown Ignores Evidence of Geoengineered Drought

(NaturalNews) A group of concerned California citizens is calling on Governor Jerry Brown to be immediately recalled from office and replaced with someone who’s willing to put the interests of Californians, rather than corporations and shadow government figures, as a top priority. Gov. Brown, they maintain, continues to ignore the obvious geoengineering and “chemtrail” schemes that are keeping the Golden State in a perpetual state of drought, while simultaneously pushing tyrannous legislation that ultimately punishes the people for using water that they collectively own.

dane wigington mug bGov. Brown has repeatedly been presented with scientific data showing that weather manipulation, particularly over the last five years, is largely responsible for keeping rain away from California’s many millions of acres of agricultural land. Much of this evidence has been presented by Geoengineering Watch’s Dane Wigington, who’s been attending city council meetings and presenting at various other forums meteorological data proving that the California drought is a manufactured event that the state government is now using as an excuse to push more tyranny.

But such evidence continues to be ignored, and California appears to be moving ever-closer to total collapse as the political heads in Sacramento offer reactionary “solutions” to the problem that utterly fail to address its cause. The widespread phenomenon of “chemtrails,” for instance, which Wigington and others have pointed out is blocking precipitation from reaching California, hasn’t caught the attention of a single influential figure in the state’s capital, even though evidence clearly shows that chemtrails are directly impacting California’s weather for the worse.

“Governor Brown has repeatedly received scientific evidence indicating that the drought was purposefully and meticulously geoengineered,” explains a report published by State of the Nation. “And yet in spite of this indisputable evidence, he has never responded to those parties who have provided the volumes of scientific research showing how it was geoengineered.”

“The soil samples alone have revealed shocking levels of aluminum, barium and strontium. Each of these chemical elements just happens to be the major components of the standard chemtrail mix which is sprayed daily across the skies of America.”

Years of “chemtrailing” has devastated California’s ecological integrity.



  1. Governor Brown is Jesuit trained. At the bottom of his spiritual temple there exist splinters of unyielding, man-mad spiritual Jesuit dogma upon which he has built an unusual, convoluted, political career.

    He’s instincts have always seem to be to find ways to serve others while keeping his preaching to a minimum. But ego always finds a way to justify what seems to empower oneself and ignore the evidence, does it not?

    Gov. Brown seems to have discovered that the Jesuit manifesto practiced, as dogmatic and controlling as it may be, paints him into policy corners where truth becomes too politically expensive to challenge, plausible deniability becomes SOP, and policy alternatives ignore the big picture altogether. So much for his self-made notion of blending an aura of religion with politics.

    Others, like you, must speak truth to power in unrelenting peaceful segments. Political leaders, in the final analysis, are usually followers. Such was the evidence gained of this priest/politician through his 180°-degree turn-around on the peoples’ passage of California Proposition 13 in 1978.

    ” “Brown, who opposed Proposition 13, used the power of incumbency and announced “the people have spoken, and as Governor I will diligently enforce their will.” Thus Brown turned a negative into a positive. In addition, since he was relatively unchallenged in the primary, he had a much bigger campaign war chest. Brown ultimately won reelection in a landslide.” ” …… a reversal of position proving nothing particularly admirable about the nature of man.

    Political leaders, in the final analysis, are usually followers.

    Acknowledging Chemtrails cuts so deeply into belief systems it leaves one at the precipice of an awakening with energies that alters nearly everything you thought you knew. Such complexities overwhelm even a humble, often misguided Jesuit servant turned politician like our Governor Brown. The lesson is – or would seem to be – politicians remain followers. Others must speak truth to power in unrelenting peaceful segments. We must use our activism creatively, peacefully and relentlessly to bring change.

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