Geoengineering Activists Speak at EPA Hearing on Aviation 1

Chemtrails Pilots Header

Complete Hearing

Individual Speakers

Jim Lee


Max Bliss


Patrick Roddie


Amanda Baise-Williams


Michael Saraceno


EPA Comments taken through Aug, 31. HERE

Five geoengineering activists spoke at his public meeting:

More people in this video

  • David Baake  Associate Advocate National Resource Defense Council
  • Bill Charmley  Director, Assessment and Standards Division Environmental Protection Agency->Office of Transportation and Air Quality
  • Kate DeAngelis  Climate and Energy CampaignerFriends of the Earth
  • Joe DePete  First Vice PresidentAir Line Pilots Association, International
  • Paul Gunning  Director, Climate Change DivisionEnvironmental Protection Agency->Atmospheric Programs
  • Kathy Kinsey  Senior Policy AdviserNortheast States for Coordinated Air Use Management
  • Nancy Kruger  Deputy DirectorNational Association of Clean Air Agencies
  • Nic Lutsey  DirectorInternational Council on Clean Transportation->Roadmap, Fuels and Heavy-Duty Vehicles Program
  • Andres Restrepo  Associate AttorneySierra Club
  • Leslie Riegle  DirectorAerospace Industries Association of America->Environmental Policy
  • Eric White  Chief, Mobile Source Control DivisionCalifornia Environmental Protection Agency->Air Resources Board
  • Doug Wolf  Senior AttorneyCenter for Biological Diversity
  • Nancy Young  Vice PresidentAirlines for America->Environmental Affairs

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