Climate Engineering With Coal Fly-Ash – Consequences for Public Health 6

Herndon Figure 1

Geoelogist, J. Marvin Herndon’s paper was published on August 11, 2015 in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

“Evidence of Coal-Fly-Ash Toxic Chemical Geoengineering in the Troposphere: Consequences for Public Health”

J Marvin Herndon PhDAbstract: The widespread, intentional and increasingly frequent chemical emplacement in the troposphere has gone unidentified and unremarked in the scientific literature for years. The author presents evidence that toxic coal combustion fly ash is the most likely aerosolized particulate sprayed by tanker-jets for geoengineering, weather-modification and climate-modification purposes and describes some of the multifold consequences on public health. Two methods are employed: (1) Comparison of 8 elements analyzed in rainwater, leached from aerosolized particulates, with corresponding elements leached into water from coal fly ash in published laboratory experiments, and (2) Comparison of 14 elements analyzed in dust collected outdoors on a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter with corresponding elements analyzed in un-leached coal fly ash material. The results show: (1) the assemblage of elements in rainwater and in the corresponding experimental leachate are essentially identical. At a 99% confidence interval, they have identical means (T-test) and identical variances (F-test); and (2) the assemblage of elements in the HEPA dust and in the corresponding average un-leached coal fly ash are likewise essentially identical. The consequences on public health are profound, including exposure to a variety of toxic heavy metals, radioactive elements, and neurologically-implicated chemically mobile aluminum released by body moisture in situ after inhalation or through transdermal induction.

Complete Study (PDF)

Related Paper by J. Marvin Herndon, PhD

“High mobility of aluminium in Gomati River Basin: implications to human health”

Aluminium (Al), an environmentally abundant and immobile element, has been studied for its mobility in the Gomati River Basin, a part of the Ganga Alluvial Plain, northern India. The dissolved Al concentrations in the Gomati River water and the Lucknow groundwater range over three orders of magnitude, from 14 to 77,861 ppb. In the Gomati River water, Al is classified as a moderately mobile element. Nearly 19% of Lucknow groundwater samples and all the Gomati River water samples have Al values above the permissible limit (200 ppb) recommended by the World Health Organization. Systematic multi-disciplinary study is urgently required to understand the geological association of high Al mobility with human health in the Ganga Alluvial Plain, one of the densely populated regions of the world.

Complete Study (PDF)


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