Artificial Clouds, Gravity Waves, and “Magnetic Domains” 3


Patrick Roddie –  Italian Gravity Waves, alias “Weiss Magnetic Domain” (1/8/2018)

I had just parked at the University of Florida campus when I spotted an abrupt column of thick jet contrails in the sky above Alachua County, Florida.  I  grabbed the camera when I saw an explosion of aerosols at the end of the contrail just before the emission abruptly stopped as seen at the top end of the trail in this video.  The aircraft associated with this contrail departed without showing any more visible emissions.

Then, just as I was changing the camera from still frame to video,  a second contrail abruptly appeared and then shut down within a few seconds.

Weiss Magnetic DomainsScanning the sky, I noticed unusual herringbone patterns in the cirrus layer suggesting this cloud is much more than just ice crystals.

The unusual cirrus patterns appear to be caused by an electromagnetic or ultrasound energy source resonating with metals or crystaline structures embedded within the aerosols.

The presence of metals in the atmosphere is consistent with many lab results revealing aluminum, barium and other metals found in rainwater samples by EPA certified labs.

Bio-engineered filaments of unknown origin have also been identified as pathogens associated with Morgellons syndrome, currently under investigation by Cliff Carnicom at the Carnicom Institute.

The odd patchwork-quilt appearance of Herring Fish Skeletonthese patterns suggests the herringbone deformations resemble “Weiss domains” where the direction of magnetic alignment varies from domain to domain to resemble a herringbone patchwork quilt

Electromagnetic or ultrasonic pulsing of chemically laced, cirrus aerosols to achieve a piezoelectric response is also possible.

Herringbone cirrus cloud patterns are not new or rare to experienced observers who have seen an increase in frequency over the past 10 years.

The uninformed public should be aware that thousands of youtube videos uploaded by concerned observers from a dozen countries over 2 decades are undeniable evidence that toxic chemicals and pathogens are routinely released GLOBALLY into Earth’s atmosphere as an undisclosed operation at every hour of every day.


Herringbone on Christmas Eve. – San Diego, Ca

12/24/2014, San Duego –  Noon to 1:30 local time




Assembly of microscale beads on Faraday waves

Faraday waves, also known as Faraday ripples, named after Michael Faraday, are nonlinear standing waves that appear on liquids enclosed by a vibrating receptacle. When the vibration frequency exceeds a critical value, the flat hydrostatic surface becomes unstable. This is known as the Faraday instability.

If a layer of liquid is placed on top of a vertically oscillating piston, a pattern of standing waves appears which oscillates at half the driving frequency, given certain criteria of instability. This relates to the problem of parametric resonance. The waves can take the form of stripes, close-packed hexagons, or even squares or quasiperiodic patterns. Faraday waves are commonly observed as fine stripes on the surface of wine in a wineglass that is ringing like a bell.  Faraday waves also explain the ‘fountain’ phenomenon on a singing bowl.


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