Dr. Russell Blaylock on Fluoride, Chemtrails and NWO Eugenics Agenda 3

Fluoride Insidious Deadly Effectsfluoride is a toxing - dees


Neurologist, Russell-Blaylock, MD –  Fluoride’s Deadly Secret


Chemtrails and Fireworks Family

Chemtrails and Nutritional Solutions


Fluoride’s Insidious, Deadly Effects
By Jim Phelps

Many of you have been following the lists learning process about the DOE’s, the energy sector, the strategic metal sector, and the Mil / Ind Network’s biggest health effect. Fluorides are causing problems on a massive global scale, and they are being covered up by these interests.

Many abstracts about the issues of fluorides connected to G-protein trigger effects, then the high bone concentrations, bone concentrations rising with age. You’re also seeing some of the information on this process triggering the immune systems cytokine processes. Do note that the immune aging process and that of fluoride’s is real similar to rise in T-cells, rise in IL-6 and IL-10. And the shut down of the macrophage systems and rise of varied viral’s in the body.

Then keep in mind all the illnesses associated with bone meal use. Chickens and farm animals, like cows, are fed bone meal. This bone meal is rich in fluorides that cause them health problems as well. Even farm produce grown with fluoride contaminated phosphate fertilizers and sprayed with fluoride pesticides enter the health damage equation. These are the factors that are driving much of the mad cow and other diseases. These are the factors driving overuse of antibiotics in farm animals and these too entering the food chain. (Continue – PDF)


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