Astronomer Demonstrates Why NASA Pluto Images Are a Hoax 5

By Crrow777:  Make no mistake – I am saying that there is no spacecraft in space at Pluto. The only thing we know of Pluto is that it is a very, very faint light in the sky. That is it, nothing more. Many NASA’s images have been shown to be constructs in this same way, to include the Apollo moon landing images. There is no way to sugar coat the fact that the Pluto mission is an occult ritual construct complete with Masonic coding.

Not to mention that this is all about Pluto or the god of the underworld. Do not give power to this lie. Here is the blog mentioned in this clip decoding parts of the Pluto Masonic ritual construct –


The Planet/Cartoon – Welcome to Disneyland

It’s not only the Apollo Moon Mission Hoax that demonstrates NASA’s long list of lies.

By Crrow777:  There is no reason to trust anything NASA hands us at this point. They are the government. As an example here is a link to the fraudulent Rosetta comet landing mission: .

The things said about Pluto here are not based solely on this single mission but as a result of examining NASA history and the endless line of fraud they have foisted off on the world.

In my view NASA’s mission is to ensure that we know next to nothing about what is above our heads. As NASA is phased out (NASA is now a bad word) we expect to see private corporations take over the space lie. They will have no responsibility or reason to divulge trade secrets. Question everything.

International Space Station Decoded as Another NASA Hoax


Financial Times Header alphaville

NASA’s Pluto fraud, conducted in plain sight

You can Google it yourself — “NASA Pluto – images” — or click below…

Not one of those Plutos is real. Every single image has been doctored. Here are the most recent real picture of Pluto from the New Horizons probe, which arrived at NASA HQ in black and white…

Not so sexy, eh? Which is why the world’s media (and everyone else with a vested interest in inter-planetary credits) drink in and drool over images like this instead…

Regarding which Nasa tells us:

New Horizons has obtained impressive new images of Pluto and its large moon Charon that highlight their compositional diversity.

Before confessing…

These are not actual color images of Pluto and Charon—they are shown here in exaggerated colors that make it easy to note the differences in surface material and features on each planetary body.

So this represents an artist’s impression, based on what colour the planetary gasses that scientists guess surround Pluto might look like.

This is nonsense and it’s getting way out of hand…

Source: NASA

As the space agency plays its PR games and argues that it’s making other-worldly matters accessible to ordinary folk, note the risks here.

Assuming New Horizons did whizz past the dwarf planet overnight, taking real (relative) close up pics along the way…

What happens if the real planet doesn’t feature “whales, doughnuts, and a heart”?

And why, when it’s gone 10.50am in Laurel, Maryland, have we yet to see the genuine snaps?

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  2. I appreciate this blog,

    I’ve watched the 3 youtube videos posted here but do not see how they demonstrate NASA’s pics of Pluto are fake, or that NewHorizons had never gone near Pluto. The best case is made by Paul Murphy, showing that NASA’s actual pics of Pluto are blurry, and that the ones NASA released for public consumption had been doctored, i.e., artists’ “impressions”.

  3. Crrow777 demonstrates the images were photoshoped along with the uncanny resemblance to previous art work. Maybe you missed it. Paul Murphy is good but not as thorough in my opinion. Most people don’t understand that 2 cameras are allegedly used to acquire a “facsimile” of reality. In that regard, there is zero chance that any image published by NASA represents reality. If NASA lied about the Mooon why would they tell you the truth about Mars and Pluto?

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