OUTER LIMITS: Chemtrails Predictive Programmig in 1965 TV Show 5

The Outer Limits TV Show

Normalization of unnatural events is a massive “black ops” disinfo campaign. It’s possible the original version of “Premonition”  was edited before re-release where chemtrails were added.  This form of deception has been increasingly discovered by observers in order to instill a false memory of historical events.-  ie: a Mandela Effect.

For example the teaser in the re-release of the movie “The Railway Children” contained photoshopped chemtrails in the sky where no trails existed in the original version.  (More)

Outer Limits Excerpt of Episode “Premonition”

Original Video SWS SKY


Outer Limits Full Episode “Premonition”

Air Force Admits Agent Orange Spraying In Florida In 1962-70

The VVA VETERAN by Barbara T. Dreyfuss (2007)

In the 1960s, Ernie Rivers taught Navy flight students at the Pensacola Naval Air Station how to live off the land if their plane was downed. He was the officer in charge of the survival unit, overseeing 30 to 35 instructors, who taught more than 100 men a week how to survive with only a compass, map, and a hunting knife. Every week groups of students would camp for three days, using different sites on Eglin Air Force Base Reservation in Florida.

When the winds and clouds were right, Rivers and his men would watch planes pass overhead, clouds of spray coming from them. Several times he and his men were sprayed. “I’d say, ‘At least we don’t have to use bug repellant,’” he noted, laughing, during an interview. That was a big plus, they thought, for them as well as Army Rangers who were also training out in the bayous of the Florida panhandle, where mosquitoes and other bugs could make life miserable.

Rivers and the students thought they were watching the Air Force spray DDT to kill mosquitoes. What was actually being sprayed, he said, was Agent Orange.   (Complete Article)


Key Words: “Chemtrails” Def: A term used by NASA to describe visible lines in the sky created by release of various chemicals into earth’s atmosphere. (more)

NASA-Chemtrails-LogoThe TV series THE OUTER LIMTS broadcast an episode titled “The Premonition” in 1965. The story is laced with predictive programming, gematria, cult symbols and chemtrails sprayed through nozzles. The large, (unofficial) NASA patch sewn onto the uniform, showing a world view from space, is a reminder that the NASA mission has always been linked to a global agenda, even back in 1965. Today we have the United Nations increasingly portrayed as a global government wielding planetary authority through treaties that overrides sovereignty of the US constitution in many ways. UN authority on civilian disarmament of firearms, global warming pseudo-science, taxation on carbon and “sustainability” and UN Agenda-21 are but a few examples.

In the opening scene (revealed at the end) the camera pans to the right revealing a sky full of persistent contrails that present as current-day climate engineering and weaponization of the earth’s atmosphere by deployment of metallic aerosols and infectious bio-engineered life forms – aka “chemtrails”. This edited version expertly reveals many instances of predictive programming, cult symbols and foreknowledge of a “climate change” engineering program, conceivably used as blackmail to enforce a New World Order of undetermined justice for life on earth.



  1. This footage is the same as the episode shown on tv. On this video link (Chemtrail Programming on the Weather Channel https://youtu.be/negHiCIh6G8 ) at 4:36 I showed the episode (The Outer Limits-The Premontion) directly off the tv.

    To make the video (1965 Chemtrail Programming on T.V.) I found the best quality footage from the net (youtube) to capture the spraying. However that version cuts off about less than 1/4 of the bottom of the screen. Here’s a link to the full episode on yt The Outer Limits TOS 2×16 48 The Premonition Full Episode https://youtu.be/EAqYfpmV_g4

      • In August 2015 you said thanks to my reply however you haven’t updated your post calling into question the authenticity of the video/editing. I had made a 2nd video showing the Outer Limits episode right off my tv. Video titled-Chemtrail Programming on the Weather Channel (at 4:45 the Outer Limits shows the spraying episode off my dvr/tv.) Yet almost 2 years later, you still haven’t updated your post on this, and till this day, it still states “Another possibility is the original version of the show was edited before re-release to Youtube where chemtrails were added.” even after I explained and made a 2nd video how this episode was the same right off the tv.

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