CREEPY: Mysterious Fibers Fall From Sky, “Stalk” Observer to Land on Skin 4

CREEPY:  Chemical Fibers (Morgellons?) Fall From Cloudless Sky, “Stalk” Observer to Land on Skin.

Chemtrail Spider webs


  1. As a long time victim of the bio-weapon they are calling “morgellons”, I am all too familiar with the fibers from the chemtrails… What’s really trippy – if I may use a term from my teenage years (yes I am old) – is watching these things surf the air currents. What I cannot understand is exactly what they could be..Are they part of the smart dust “swarms” that the USAF paper speaks of? Or are they some type of hybrid AI organism? I don’t know.. what I DO know is that when I extract one of the bronze and blue banded pseudo-hairs from my body and stick it under a microscope, it MOVES….
    This may sound like science fiction bit I assure you that it is REAL…

    thanks for doing such great work!


  2. Hi good post … this stuff is real … I have observed it … in mass sometimes … I believe it is a bio-weapon … I had a bull that got it around his tool and then he was no good for use … after a year he got well and I sold him. his name was Osiris and the best bull I had raised for sometime … see an article ‘Osiris’ on

    I think it absorbs into the skin also … most think it is merely spider webs??? we got a lot of peepole with their head in the gumbo

    they have been spraying diseases like EHD, brucella, bacillus etc for many years.

    the source of morgellons in high probability

    Cactus Plains

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