Scientist Plans to Use Drone to Sample Covert Geoengineering Aerosols 3

What in the world Are they Spraying-b

Dr. Lenny Thyme appeared in the documentary,  “What Are the world Are they Spraying”

This classroom setting offers a refreshing pause from the too-frequent efforts to sway audiences with fearful warnings and scary music.

What I find interesting toward the end of the presentation is Lenny’s proposal to collect samples of jet emissions using drone technology.  Although the technical aspects of this concept appear more challenging than Lenny could imagine, examining support for aerial sampling – by drone or manned aircraft – is worth pursuing.


Excerpt from “what In The world Are They Spraying” – Dr. Thyme Discusses toxic effects of alumina.


6/12/2015: Dr. Lenny Thyme (aka, Leonard J. Schussel. PhD) presents

“Chemistry of Chemtrails”

Lenny Thyme’s Blog: – The Thyme Zone

Doctoral Thesis Leonard J. Schussel. PhD


Aluminum Chemistry Dr. Lenny Thyme (PDF)

December 20, 2011

Aluminum is present in the earth at roughly 8.8 % – mostly in the form of bauxite, a complex of hydroxo oxide species. It integrates readily in a silica lattice as a trivalent cation.

Aluminum has been thought to play only a minor role in biological chemistry, but it now has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, a degenerative brain disorder.

Aluminum metal is produced from bauxite in a highly energy intensive process, where some of the byproducts like fluoride have been spread into the environment for dispersal.

The idea that fluoridation is a benefit to humanity has now been debunked,but yet many municipalities still continue to provide it as a
public benefit.

Recently, there have been elevated levels of aluminum, barium and strontium reported in Mt. Shasta snow melt that has been thought to be coming from chemtrails.

The question of why is being debated: Michael Murphy is producing a follow-up to his What in the World are they Spraying movie to inquire as to the why. Whether it is geo-engineering or a massive eugenics program, this spraying should be stopped. (Continue – PDF)



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