Pope’s Chemtrail Depopulation Coin Minted By The Vatican in 1985 28

Vatican 100 Lire Coin 1985 Pope John Paul

Vatican 1985 Commemorative Coin (Catalog PDF)

This Vatican’s “chemtrail coin” was minted in 1985 just as NASA began to indoctrinate school children into accepting chemtrails as normal clouds. A clip from Rosalind Peterson’s excellent 2010 discussion confirms the deliberate science fraud and mind-washing of school children is now in effect with forced vaccinations next on the NWO agenda.   VIDEO: Peterson’s complete presentation

Chemtrails Crucifixion of Christ

Complete Video – Frederick Wust Jr.

PHOTOSHOP ALERT:  The “clouds” in the image presented in the video by Fredeick Wust as “chemtrails” appears to be photoshopped.  Compare Wust’s image to the documented image posted on Wiki.

See Documentation of original painting: “Ecce homo” by Antonio Ciseri. Circa 1860 – 1880 (PDF)  (HERE)   (HERE)

Barabbas Ecce homo Side by side reveals photoshop

NASA Promotes Science Fraud to Indoctrinate School Children That Chemtrails Are Normal Contrails and Clouds   NASA S’COOL Contrails Disinfo for School children (PDF)

NASA Instructor Teaches Science Fraud to School Children

Start listening at the 2 minute mark to hear the NASA instructor correctly states that in order to make a cloud (or persistent contrail) “the humidity in the atmosphere has to reach 100%”. This statement agrees with USAF contrail document that states:

“If the atmosphere is near saturation, the contrail may exist for some time. Conversely, if the atmosphere is dry, the contrail will dissipate quickly.” (USAF Contrail Facts – Page 13, PDF)

Once available on the internet, these documents are no longer found on the USAF site.

If the atmosphere is near saturation, the contrail may exist for some time. Conversely, if the atmosphere is dry, the contrail will dissipate quickly.



NASA Takes “S’COOL” Contrail Science Fraud to the Classroom

Pope’s Encyclical Endorses Climate Change as Path to Depopulation

Pope Francis and the Environment:

Yale Examines Historic Climate Encyclical

“On June 18, Pope Francis issued his eagerly awaited encyclical on the environment, a 192-page document that calls global action on climate change and environmental degradation a moral imperative for all humans.”

” the pope assailed the consumerism and wastefulness of modern life, linking stewardship of the natural world with justice for “the poorest and most vulnerable people” and calling for a transformation of economic systems and political policies in order to avert environmental catastrophe.”

“The release was timed to attract global attention in advance of UN climate talks in Paris later this year and the pope’s upcoming addresses to the UN and the U.S. Congress.” (Yale)

NPR: “Pope Francis will be the first pontiff to address a joint meeting of Congress, House Speaker John Boehner said Thursday.  Francis will address lawmakers on Sept. 24, Boehner said, as part of his first papal visit to the United States. “We’re humbled that the Holy Father has accepted our invitation and certainly look forward to receiving his message on behalf of the American people,” the Ohio Republican told reporters. (NPR)

(Comment: The sentiments expressed by the Pope regarding “consumerism and wastefulness of modern life” are not unlike observations made by Islamic fundamentalists who also protest the debauchery of the American lifestyle under the formula or growth capitalism under the Federal Reserve system. (source).

Why would a depiction of a 4-engine jet aircraft with unusual engine emissions appear on the reverse side of a 100 Lire commemorative coin minted by the Vatican in 1985?

It must be considered that ice crystal contrails are not a necessary “visual” consequence of military or civilian aircraft in flight – yet the depiction of engine emissions was somehow deemed necessary to convey the symbolism and “intent” on this coin. One clue is the truncated appearance of the chemtrail closest to the tail section that implies the spraying was abruptly terminated as is witnessed so frequently by observers today. Another clue is the uneven and mismatched appearance of the trail aft of mid-point – a feature highly suggestive of a chemical composition rather than that of ice crystals (H2O) that would be expected to produce a uniform vapour trail without the unnatural appearance of wavy lines seen in different segments of each trail. Instead, the artistic result of this feature can be interpreted as more of a “warning” to the keen observer.

Vatican Commemorative Coin Chemtrail 100 Lire

More Likely a Chemtrail Than a Contrail

By 1985 the development of the high-bypass turbofan engine was a military and airline industry standard and the aircraft on this coin appears consistent with that aviation era.

Compared to the previous low -bypass engine design technology, the high bypass turbofan actually decreases the probability that a contrail of ice crystals could form to provide the unusual and contrived image carefully planned for placement on this coin.

The availability of water vapor for contrail formation from ice crystals is considerably reduced since more than 80% of the engine thrust is developed without passing through a combustion chamber – with combustion as exclusive source of the water vapor required to generate a visible contrail in the first place. (More)

The aircraft is curiously depicted as heading from east to west (Europe to America) and positioned over the north pole above Greenland and a complete global map of the earth as if the engine emissions are intended to be of significant consequence as they block the sun and descend to effect all commerce, public health and various other life forms on the planet.

The Global Warming “religious movement” was instigated on nearly the same timeline as UN Agenda-21 that began near the end of the increasing dubious manned Moon landing during the Apollo program in 1972.  The seeds of Agenda-21 were planted in 1971 with the Ramsar Convention On Wetlands, a treaty which was later put into force in 1975 and adopted by the United States in 1987.

The covert global assault of aerosol dumps began circa 1990 coincident with the Air Force Academy’s first publication of the “Chemtrails Manual” for new pilots.

Chemtrails were initially dumped over the most heavily industrialized countries – ie: USA, Canada, EU, Australia, and New Zealand. Today satellite images reveal massive aerosol dumps over the entire planet including all oceans and arctic regions and even our alleged adversaries, Russia and Iran – and most recently China. This fact can only mean on thing….

They’re All In It Together! 

Top secret and goose-step deniability across all agencies of all countries, claiming chemtrails is a “conspiracy theory” is top priority to the church of the creepy New World Order.

Determined observers can easily locate satellite images revealing chemtrails and aerosol dumps being deployed over all countries, oceans and territories every day.  While NATO and Russia/China pretend to wage economic wars, it is the chemtrais that provide the undeniable litmus test and conclusion for the ultimate New World Order False Flag while using other sensational false news as WMD (Weapons of Mass Distraction).

Conclusion:  Ubiquitous spraying of chemtrails across all countries, territories and oceans on the planet conclusively demonstrates that “they’re all in it together” in a secret global contract more binding and irreversible than nuclear treaties or access to pipelines and oil drilling.

Chemtrails Dominate the ultimate Agenda. Everything else is a so-called “limited hangout”.

Satellite Chemtrails


NASA Satellte Imaged Show Chemtrails everywhere, every day


  1. This is a truly sick, mentally ill organization. Total frauds. Another thing that gets me is people believe in them. Shaking my head in utter disgust.

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  3. Wicki is a fraud…this picture did not exist on the web or wicki before i posted this article many years ago on video….so this moron saying i Photoshopped this will be sued for slander and fraud…saying i Photoshopped this picture…this idiot has attacked me several times i run a web site about chemtrails with over 7000 members in Louisiana…and i have been exposing these crimes on humanity since 1996 during this fake EL NINO…in California where i lived…for 11 years…or so…and notice the satanic or Saturn worship name EL…(satan)

  4. Nice article, but even if they’re all in it, does it necessarily mean they’re all in it *together*?

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