REPORT: Social Obedience Achieved Through WMD – Weapons of Media Distraction 1

TRUTH STREAM MEDIA:   Aaron and Melissa Dykes demonstrate how the media deploys Weapons of Mass Distraction (WMD) when government players are exposed as participating in treasonous, criminal or immoral acts.

IAaron and Melissa Dykes photon June, 2015 congress needed WMD to erase public’s awareness of an upcoming treasonous vote to approve Obama’s  secret, fast-track TPP authority – a vote that could fundamentally undermine the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Predictably, all of corporate media joined in lock-step to make the TPP story disappear behind a sensational mass murder in Charleston, SC where an alleged church shooting took place in the same city where the DHS had already planned a terrorist exercise – and where Al Sharpton was already on scene and where Hillary Clinton was coincidentally campaigning for president with now-deceased Clementa Pinckney, just hours before the minister was reportedly shot to death by a lone nut gunman – along with eight others inside the AME church.

Similar WMD’s have taken place a dozen times in the last few years where the national narrative is suddenly derailed by sensational but irrelevant media WMD waving the deceptive banner of “BREAKING NEWS”.


Melissa Dykes decodes Alleged Charleston Shooting


TeamWakemup RedsilverJ


REDSILVERJ Exposes Church Massacre Hoax – VIDEOS

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