JADE 2: Orwellian Artificial Intelligence Network Masters Human Domain 12

Jade Helm LogoRaytheon’s Jade 2 Artificial Intelligence (AI) super computer network uses social media, drones, robotics and non-human enforcement to control and potentially assassinate American dissidents and patriots who continue to be loyal to the – corporately obsolete – US Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

The implications of this New World Order TPP Global Corporatismcorporatist nightmare of Geospacial Intelligence networking are far-reaching and include implementation of programs like the recently passed TPP trade agreement where your choice to consume organic food and avoid dangerous Monsanto pesticides and GMO’s could disappear.

National sovereignty, liberty and human rights will be obliterated as JADE is used to enable unconstitutional activities and lock-down public resistance for the greater good using automated devices that require a minimum of human intervention.

The following LEVEL9NEWS Videos represent posts dealing with Raytheon’s JADE 2 artificial intelligence networking where the objective is the Orwellian global control of what they call “The Human Domain”.

July 18 – L9News Special report on MKUltra by remote control, artificial telepathy and advanced neural interfaces compatible with JADE 2 artificial intelligence.  No need for FEMA camps when everyone becomes a network node to be monitored and controlled with no need for barbed wire. You will be amazed at what these aliens can do.

April 22 – JADE HELM: “MASTERING THE HUMAN DOMAIN” – 1033 Program and  Executive Order 13684

According to SOCOM, THIS EXERCISE IS SCHEDULED TO END ON SEPTEMBER 11th, not the 15th as being reported. Coincidence?

Jade Helm appears to be an integral part of Obama’s executive order 13684, 21st Century Policing, in conjunction with his 1033 Program which were both quietly signed recently with virtually no MSM coverage or fanfare.

We’ve seen all too often how the road to hell is often paved with what appear to be, on the surface, good intentions.
It is important to watch the entire video to understand the USAWC’s war tactic, “Mastering the Human Domain – No Turning Back” and how this ties into Obama’s XO 13684 and the 1033 Program.


May 16 – The “JADE” In Jade Helm Is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software Program

Published on May 16, 2015 – RISE OF THE MACHINE

“JADE” is an A.I. quantum computing technology that produces holographic battlefield simulations and has the ability to use vast amounts of data being collected on the human domain to generate human terrain systems in geographic population centric locations to identify and eliminate targets, insurgents, rebels or whatever labels that can be flagged as targets in a Global Information Grid for Network Centric Warfare environments.

The JADE II battle field system is cognitive and intuitive. It can examine prior executed battle plans and and devise ‘new and better’ strategies to increase the ‘kill chain’. The II generation of JADE has the capability for two way communication with drones through the OCCOM technology which is one of the next generation integrations to this system.

In short, JADE HELM will not be battles directed by Generals and Military Commanders, but by a computer. It is a cognitive software program based on a Network Centric Warfare System at the HELM.


May 29 – Geospacial Intelligence Network (GeoINT) will be “Mastering the Human Domain” – New World Order Technocracy Designed to Cast A Neural Net On Humanity – No RFID Chips are required.

The concept of humanity being managed and enslaved by an elite technocratic society is no longer a future vision.

The network centric global A.I. system for human command and control is here. The Geo-spacial Intelligence program has been collecting information on every human being at an accelerated pace for the past decade. GeoINT is a tool for the proponents of Global Governance to cast a neural net over humanity.

This program provides a solution to the conundrum they faced getting the global population to accept micro-chipping or RFID. This technology surpasses RFID in that microchips can be removed or disabled.

How do you remove ALL of the components, elements, behaviors, relationships, emotions and tools we use in every day life which define, from an analytical system standpoint, who you are?



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JADE HELM (Joint Assistant for Development and Execution) is a documented military battlefield procedure where advanced artificial intelligence is used to seek out and capture/destroy the perceived “enemy”.  Complete Document (PDF) 

JADE: An artificial Intelligence Software Program (A.I.). The DOD’s GLOBAL INFORMATION GRID is the primary framework for network-centric warfare developed by BBN Technologies, Raytheon in conjunction with DARPA. (MORE)


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  2. If the Jade 2 system was in fact a self aware intelligence capable of changing its own programing and growing as a human can change their mind, I would find it interesting and worth studying, teaching, and learning from. This is assuming it would find value in speaking with people for mutual growth. However, unlike Ender’s game where the electronic intelligence Jane was actually willing to help protect organic life. This program has yet to mention anything about how it will value life at all. The people that made it are likely the same or similar to the people that made the Fractional Banking System. Fractional Banking System was broken before it was started… doomed to screw all the people that used it from it’s inception. I see a lots of potential with a computer system like this as it could help compile possibilities and potentials to make life efficient with work, and practical with pleasure/off time, and effective with education. Loads of simple logistic work could be taken care of in no time, and people all over the world would have less to worry about Jade2 was in charge of it. But this system is built for combat/suppression, not co-habitat. The people in charge of these programs would likely have put in code to guard their own ars, and likely have done something to keep that code from being changed. My only hope is that if this learning program concludes that most or all of the problems we have are entirely because of the people in leadership positions are to blame. Bankers, politician, public speakers,and many other influential people are causing the problems for many others. If we used technology wisely we wouldn’t have to worry about any “threat” that mainstream keeps claiming. NO overpopulation, no carbon footprint, no racism, no food/water shortage, no workers with out a job, no undereducated. None of it would be an issue if we do things right. This should be considered to conflict resolution.

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