Chemtrails Revealed by Ben Davidson – a.k.a. – Suspicious Observers 3

Ben Davidson EU 2014 MugBen Davidson is host of the Suspicious 0bservers Youtube channel and website. His excellent 3 to 4 minute daily reporting on solar and space weather has captured the deserved interest of about 40,000 viewers per day.

Ben was tantalized by the subject of Solar Radiation Management (SRM), geoengineering and chemtrails after his wife pointed a video camera to the skies back in early December of 2012. (The Evidence)

In June, 2014 Ben posted an opinion of chemtrails/SRM on a private server that required membership viewing by password.  With no way for anyone to comment on Ben’s work, I was compelled to re-post the video in order to offer a basis for continuing a rational discussion at

Ben tells us that chemtrails are real but suspects that the online community is infected with the distraction of “psychopaths wielding megaphones, drowning out all the intelligent discourse”. To some degree I can agree with Ben on fear-mongering.

But defense of Ben’s perceived “psychopaths”, we should be reminded that chemtrails” are identified as an “exotic weapon” in proposed legislation, HR-2977,  “The Space Preservation Act of 2001”.

So the documented definition says chemtrails are an “exotic weapon” an interpretation that belies the intent of “Solar Radiation Management (SRM).  HR-2977 was sponsored by, then, Congressman, Dennis Kucinich (D), a representative in Ben’s home State of Ohio.

Nowhere in this document is “chemtrails” referred to as “Solar Radiation Management” (SRM) for mitigation for global warming.  When you read the complete text of HR-2977, it becomes clear that chemtrails is one part of a military operation where several forms of “space weapons” were being implemented. (source)

The topic of space weapons should be of high interest to Ben or anyone reporting on the Space Weather, the ionosphere and related solar activities with the goal of revealing how earth’s climate is affected by external forces other than carbon dioxide and other Greenhouse gases (GHG).

Even a Space Weather Expert Can

Be Wrong About Contrails. 

In June, 2014 Ben made a few errors mistaking a chemtrail for a contrail. Today – a year later – Ben would score much higher.

Aerosols revealed to be powerful climate drivers:

Picture of how greenhouse gases affect climate is ‘cloudy,’ say researchers from Hebrew University, US and Australia (source)

“Depending on the meteorological circumstances, aerosols can have dramatic effects of either increasing or decreasing the cloud sun-deflecting effect”

♦ Hurricane Aerosol and Microphysics Program (HAMP): Improving Hurricane Forecasts by Evaluating the Effects of Aerosols on Hurricane Intensity. (Source PDF)

“… understanding the role of aerosols is crucial to improving forecast models” P. 12
“strongly absorbing aerosols such as black carbon have invigoration effects on hurricanes.” (intensify TC’s) P.30

When considering the history of the Manhattan Project, it’s no mystery that military involvement in advanced weapons of war has required obedient secrecy of all federal agencies under the guise of “national security”.  As in the development of the A-bomb in WWII, the FAA, NASA, NOAA and other alphabet agencies remain in lock-step denial of what civilian observers can plainly determine as an unnatural, chemical assault of aerial deployment that is polluting the natural environment and breathable air of all humanity.

Although this pollution is not a kill of “sudden death”, the ongoing spraying forecasts lower resistance to disease, produce food scarcity and ultimately, shorter life-spans for humans and affected wildlife.  The popular term for this scenario is “soft-kill” where perpetrators hide behind plausible deniability while practicing covert eco-terrorism to profit from human misery.  Author, Naomi Klein provides excellent context for this cruel, fascist, capitalist philosophy in her book: The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.

After 15 years of aggressive spraying, chemtrails are now under consideration as  an act of Aggravated Battery by Toxic Chemical with expert opinion of attorney, Ralph Behr:

“The legal theory behind the allegations would create, if framed as such, a new area of criminal law: Aggravated Battery by Toxic Chemical. Experts in criminal law believe such a legal theory is valid. It would require a court of international jurisdiction, such as the International Criminal Court, to prosecute the alleged conspirators and name individuals exposed to the chemical agents as victims.(source)

Let’s be clear – much of the confusion and hyperbole on the chemtrails topic comes directly from the locked-down secrecy of the operation by all agencies of the US  government and beyond.   This stonewall secrecy is exactly what informed observers would expect when aluminum oxide and other pollutants are deliberately sprayed over the United States in the interest of “national security”.  After all, the US is popularly known as the National Security State where secrecy was institutionalized following WWII.

The National Security State or Doctrine, generally refers to the ideology and institutions (CIA, Dept. of Defense) established by the National Security Act of 1947.  In his 1992  book “Brave New World Order” Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer described the National Security State in detail.

As Ben suggests, the consequences of continued spraying places stress on the food supply where Monsanto seems determined to engineer the only seed that produces a crop in soils contaminated with aluminum and other degradations to the environment.

Ben’s description of “psychopaths” better fits the definition of “trolls” and agents of disinformation rather than that of dedicated investigators working towards a higher enlightenment, a goal probably aspired to by Ben, himself.

Disinfo sites dedicated to confusing the chemtrails vs. contrail discussion have been around for years.  One site promises “Contrail Science” and another will offer to “debunk” any valid observations of chemtrails by responses that cannot be supported.  Both web sites are owned by the same person who admittedly identifies himself as a hobbyist with a simple passion to “debunk” stuff.

Visit: Debunking the Chemtrails Debunkers to see the primary players publishing deliberate disinfo.

The Evidence – Solar Radiation management “Anything you guys want to tell us?

Here is a excerpt where Ben more openly acknowledges weather modification, chemtrails and Tesla devices although his assessment of ionospheric heaters like the one that existed at HAARP disagrees with Nick Begich – an acknowledged expert on the capabilities at the Gakona Alaska facility.  (Click Here)

In fact, the May, 2014 announcement by the Air Force that the HAARP facility would be de-commissioned contained confirmation that the military has found others ways of controlling the ionosphere.

  • “To inject energy into the ionosphere to be able to actually control it. But that work has been completed.”
  • “We’re moving on to other ways of managing the ionosphere, which the HAARP was really designed to do,” he said.

These comments by the Air Force support all that Dr. Nick Begich has warned us about ionospheric heaters like the one formerly in Gakona, Ak over the years called HAARP.  Make no mistake – at this Senate hearing, Dr. Walker made it clear the military’s mission is to inject energy into the ionosphere to be able to actually “control” it.  To “control the ionosphere is to “control” the climate through manipulation of the jet stream and other electromagnetic manipulations from ground-based arrays.

Ben Davidson’s complete video is a thoughtful assessment that reminds us that there are powerful forces within the Sun and outside earth’s magnetosphere capable of changing far more than the surface temperature of the Earth.  These huge forces dwarf the impact of carbon dioxide, a trace gas in Earth’s atmosphere at a concentration of little more than one-half of one-tenth of one percent.



The script associated with Ben’s Video on SRM/Chemtrails

This page will focus on a fact-based and logical approach to analyzing and combatting offenses to the natural world in the form of weather modification.

Unfortunately, this topic, one of the most important in our community and the world as a whole, is wrought with uninformed psychopaths wielding mega-phones, drowning out all the intelligent discourse. Many who find this page will already know a good deal about this topic, so please have patience through any sections that are a ‘review’ for you, and perhaps try to pick up something new the 2nd time around.

I believe weather modification is already underway, and I want it gone, so why do I not join with the hundreds/thousands of people already fighting online? For the most part, they don’t have the slightest clue what they are talking about. They sound insane… scream about chemtrails every time a plane flies overhead, and are pushing some of the worst fear mongering online.

I am keeping this page private because unfortunately those idiots with the loudspeakers are also the most vile, cruel, immature, and relentless group online… and we don’t need them ruining our examination. We will update this page periodically.

Summary: The ability to affect the weather with our technology is real. Chemtrails are a common term for what the mainstream calls “solar radiation management” but the online community fears there may be other motives. Ability not withstanding – the earth is currently avoiding a solar system shift WHILE taking human interference as well! With this in mind, we need to understand that chemtrails and geoengineering as a whole are NOT a wholly evil attempt to kill people and make bad weather — but it is not a good thing either (in my opinion), a point we will visit in later episodes. Most importantly, we presented here a method for determining high/low contrail activity conditions, and therefore a way to focus on dates/locations where there is no excuse to see trails in the sky.


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