Analysis of Dramatic 2025 Population Reduction Data Posted at DEAGEL.COM 10

Deagel Population Forecast

Dismal US Import-Export Trade Forecast For 2016

Deagel Import-Export Trade Graphic

What Will Cause 78% Depopulation in the US?

5/11/2016: Eleven Signs That The U.S. Economy Is Rapidly Deteriorating Even As The Stock Market Soars

Deagel Site – USA Population Forecast Page

Detailed analysis of population changes by country

Original upload by Ya OughtaLearn

SHTFPlan Marc Slavo – May 9, 2015

With economic malaise on the horizon and any number of triggers ready to set things into motion, military site recently posted their global forecast for 2025.

The site, rumored to be a front for various alphabet intelligence agencies, says that America will soon see a large reverse migration as those who came here seeking riches and safety will emigrate out of the country following a serious, multi-year crisis. *** continue

Deagel Website Forecasts Dramatic 78% USA Depopulation by 2025.

Professor Doom analysis  (Oct 2014)

(Pt 1) Vetting Deagel Website – Why Depopulation Forecasts Should Be Taken Seriously (Oct 2014)

(Pt 2) Vetting Deagel Website – Why Depopulation Forecasts Should Be Taken Seriously (Oct 2014)




  1. The website is now available again to all. However, the Forum has been removed from the site.
    If anyone wants to know who is behind the website, then signup for and send Stormyweather a message. I left this very same information on the Deagel Forum a day or so before the access problems. Methinks I hit a nerve !

    • I never had a problem accessing the site. Interesting I never looked for a “forum” on the site. Whoever is behind the website has huge ability to start rumors – true or untrue…Ha!

      • hsaive – You never had a problem accessing the site because you didn’t rattle any cages. When you know who is behind the site, then you might take it more seriously. I am sure that their intentions are good, and I commend them for aiding those of us who have an inkling as to what is to come.

    • By the way…the countries data is updated and changes over time. This gives us reason to regard population forecasts as only a tentative “snapshot” with completely different numbers possible as time goes by. Considering this, one could look at the countries data as more of a Psyop than a real forecast of what will be in place come 2025.

  2. I see the data read has the population dropping by 65 million, a reduction of 22% , leaving 78% of the population.

    Still a startling number, but one a little easier to wrap your head around. I don’t know the reasons for these projections. I’m just saying it might help to have the proper read on the data to begin to understand what it might or might not mean.

    • Sorry, but the population reduction is the higher figure. In fact, going by the latest update from Deagel, the USA will be DOWN by 80% by 2025. The UK will be down by 65%. I have created a Facebook page called ‘The Deagel Forum’. Lots of info there, it is best to start at the oldest entry and work back.

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