Army General Links 9/11 Flase Flag, Chemtrails and Jade Helm 5



by Dane Wigington

dane wigington mug bThis interview is a dialog addressing the most critical issues we face. The discussion is between myself, former Army Major General Albert Stubblebine, and his wife Dr. Rima Laibow.

General Stubblebine is the highest ranking US military official to courageously speak the truth about the 9/11 false flag event and the US government’s role in this unimaginable crime.

Dr. Laibow has long since been a pioneer in the fight to expose countless global issues, especially related to our health.

This discussion begins with General Stubblebine’s process of awakening to the true criminal nature of the US government, then continues on to cover operation “Jade Helm” and the global geoengineering assault.

Our world and our reality is changing by the day. We are all at a crossroad, at a time of choice. Will we go silently into the night, or will we struggle against the fading of the light?

Getting informed and getting active in the fight for the common good is not just an option, it is an obligation, it is a responsibility.

Stand up and make your voice heard, if we do not take action today, we will not have tomorrow.


  1. I used to work with a woman whose daughter’s friend’s mother (still with me?) worked in the area of the Pentagram where the hole was made.
    On the day of the attack, and thirty minutes prior, she and all the people in that part of the building were called away for a previously unannounced staff meeting. The subject of that meeting was ‘Health and Safety’ !!!

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