GUNS AMERICA: Jade Helm Part of a Government Engineered Mass Extinction Event 7

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by Paul Helinski on May 31, 2015 (Guns America)

My dear friends, we have been played, and we are actually being set up.

Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would be writing you about this topic, but I have discovered something that I feel like must share with the many thousands of you who are longtime readers.

I finally figured it out, after years of digging. It all connects, all of the craziness that is our current world, and you aren’t going to believe how. It isn’t little green men from Mars, or Illuminati, or devil worshipers, or reptilian time travelers.

One thing and one thing only brings together the nonsensical gun confiscation nuts, the police state, reckless money printing, unpayable debt, spying, and even all the fake government stories.

The one thing is not what I ever thought it could be. I won’t keep it a secret. Most likely we are for real talking about is the end of all life on this planet.

The efforts to stop the process, which could very well be an inevitability, aren’t working. The methods they are using are right in the skies above your head, and they are still top secret.

Most likely they are making the end come sooner, and there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do except wake up to what is going on, and wake our friends and family up, at the risk of looking like a fool.

One thing I think I can assure you though, is that the end is coming, and I don’t think it is that far away. (Continue)

Gun Chemtrails-Final


  1. click continue to the website and it stops you from looking. everone trying out to go further get stopped. its noted on my facebook page Syyvan.–event/

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