The Only People Denying Climate Change Are Those Calling Others Climate Change Deniers 5

Watts Up With That?

Guest Opinion: Dr. Tim Ball

Current attacks on those who question the science of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are signs of desperation. You can detect the exasperation in this comment by President Obama.

“So unfortunately, inside of Washington we’ve still got some climate deniers who shout loud, but they’re wasting everybody’s time on a settled debate,” Obama said, doubling down on remarks made during his State of the Union Address this year by adding that, “Climate change is a fact.”

Whoever said it wasn’t a fact? Does the President believe that if humans disappeared climate change would stop? If he does, it is a reasonable, but ludicrous conclusion to draw from the IPCC claim that 95+ percent of climate change since 1950 is due to human production of CO2.

Why is the most powerful person in the world ranting against a few people expressing different views?…

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  1. What government is desperately trying to confuse the climate change narrative away from, is the growing awareness and discussion of scientific evidence indicating a new solar system wide energy altering atmospheric conditions on all planets in our system.

    • The global warming myth attached to Co2 was instigated in the 1950’s by the misunderstood work of scientist, Roger Revelle — One would need to believe the impossible – that NASA has been able to keep a secret about major solar system changes affecting earth’s atmosphere for more than 60 years?

      The global warming fraud is far more likely tied to greed and power than any attempt to spare us any unnecessary terror. After all – terror is an extremely profitable commodity in our military industrial complex and illegal warring society.

      • In my home town, Livermore, Ca. home to atomic weapons lab, LLNL, I am surrounded by every sort of scientist one can imagine. Privately they have commented to me on more than one occasion, scientific views in significant contrast to the Lab’s Atmospheric Science Department public statement. The contrasted opinion goes like this:

        Indeed there are known changes visible in our solar system: on Mars and Neptune. While on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, some of the moons are leaving “what appear to be dust wakes” behind them. This material, they tell me, seems to have an effect on storms on Neptune, probably on sun spot intensity, and the receding ice cap of Mars. Similar activity is logically also seen on Earth. The distribution patterns of the dust may actually be contributing to the 1500 year sun cycles and the Sun’s many shorter cycles.

        Two of these scientists became very close friends. One was with LLNL before the Atmospherics Department became public, declassified, politicized and compromised.

  2. There is no such thing as climate change scientifically speaking – period – end of story.
    But wait how could any reasonable person say such a thing? Everybody has heard of climate change; everyone is talking about climate change; it’s on the news; it’s in the press; it’s in print, even the President of the United States says that climate change is real. So how can I say that there is no such thing as climate change scientifically speaking?
    That’s simple – because you’ve all been duped by a play on words – it’s called ‘word magic’. And just because everyone is saying it doesn’t make it true.
    Let me explain. Scientifically speaking we have ‘climate variation’ not ‘climate change’. You see climate variation is scientific terminology whereas climate change is political terminology.
    Climate variation is a real scientific term that both accurately and objectively describes the cyclical nature of climate. Climate change is a manufactured political term that’s subjectively applied by the user to evoke an emotional response from their audience. Scientists that are claiming there is climate change or who are using the term climate change in their ‘peer reviewed’ scientific studies and writings need to be called out for using such unscientific, unprofessional and inaccurate terminology.
    President Obama has over-stepped his intellect. He has repetitively stated that ‘the facts are in’,and ‘97% of Climate Scientists are in agreement’, and ‘the debate is over’. What a flaming ass. No scientific matter is ever over until your theory has become a law – and climate change is still a raging debate with no conclusion in site.
    As for those 97%, well maybe someone needs to tell the President there is no such thing as a Climate Scientist. you cannot go to college and become a Climate Scientist and it is NOT a recognized professional title by any scientific organization. It’s been made up by those who have a political agenda. Sorry Mr. President you have your facts all wrong and we can see your progressive slip showing. Oh…and you’re still an ass. A…progressive…ass!

  3. The planets in our solar system seem to be heating up…. Earth , being one of the planets in the milky way is heating up. Apparently this is not widely known but is hardly a secret. People would rather have some agency tell them what to believe instead of doing the slightest bit of research. The powers-that-shouldn’t-be continue to spray aerosols which worsen this problem, trapping the heat instead of allowing it to escape once the sun goes down. This is all part of the climate change/ global warming/fleece the public plan to issue carbon taxes. IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY!! They have most of it… we have a little of it… they want it ALL….

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