False Flag Weekly News – 05/21/2015 1

05/21/2015 False Flag Weekly News

Show Notes and source links (Click Here)

COMMENT: Once again, Kevin Barrett creates more enemies by butting into Fetzer’s report attempting to defend the disgraced VT editor,  Gordon Duff and his “colleagus” at Veterans Today.  In fact Gordon Duff is the only identified “colleague” Fetzer singled out in the entire show.  No other so-called “colleague” of Kevin Barrett was mentioned. After all, it’s highly newsworthy that Duff single-handedly removed all of Fetzer’s 150+ articles from Veterans Today while Kevin apparently thinks that’s just fine.

In the past 3 False Flag News shows Kevin appears to have arrogantly swung over to the dark side where censoring his guest’s comments is now fair game.

In another example, Barrett apparently had no objections to the solid and long-held evidence that Bin Laden died in 2001 until the Hersh article was recently published.  If true, Kevin is now revealed as a fickle opportunist who chooses stories that support his increasingly perceived “limited hang-out” viewpoints.

Most revealing is Barrett’s campaign of derision to frame anyone with genuine, documented  concerns that the creepy Jade Helm-15 exercise could go “live” as a “conspiracy theorist”.  Kevin’s snickering comments on the Jade Helm issue gives him away as unworthy and possible deranged.

I recommend Jim Fetzer find a more neutral host or simply deliver the False Flag News on his own.

I no longer trust Kevin Barrett.

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