Geoengineer, Ken Caldeira Suffers Disturbing Memory Loss in Chemtrails Debate 5

ken-caldeira-captain-chemtrailsKen Caldeira keeps forgetting that when he worked at a Government weapons lab he discussed “adding pathogens to the clouds” to wage chemical and germ warfare on civilian populations.

By Patrick Roddie –  5/9/2015 – STOPSPRAYINGUS-SF 

I’m worried about my BFF, Ken Caldeira.  Perhaps he huffs nano particulate aluminum, because he keeps forgetting that when he worked at a Government weapons lab he discussed “adding pathogens to the clouds” to wage chemical and germ warfare on civilian populations.

Now his job is to sell the public on the idea that we may have no option but to spray “toxic” chemicals over the entire planet – a decades long covert program that has ramped up to insane levels in recent years.

I questioned him at San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club on May 8th, 2015, the AAAS Annual Meeting in San Jose on February 14th, 2015 and in Berkeley on May 9th, 2013.

It slipped his mind until I played the audio back to him. He also got rather irate and told me to f*** off. (at 8 minutes and 45 seconds in the video.)


  1. YES! We’ve got Patrick Roddie on board! He’s our San Francisco based chemtrails/geoengineering activist and researcher with a background in physics, journalism and photography. He’s been documenting and fighting this murderous program for years and needs your help to get to the Paris Climate Conference and help derail plans to legalize it.
    This IS our last chance….Please help us be successful in numbers and support with your ££$$ what ever you can! Thank You so much!


    Aluminum Oxides used in Chemtrails holds water in cloud formations until the clouds are SUPER SATURATED then dumps our would-be California rain out past the Rocky Mountains. HAARP has been US patent protected to show various atmospheric heating techniques that create high pressure heat zones that manage jet stream latitudes, again running what would have been our California rain up North through Oregon and Washington where it’s not even noticed. But we don’t talk about any of that.

    Nature is responding with a bypass to our secret and not-so-secret acts of atmospheric management stupidity and producing the fabled “El Niño”. 48-hours ago it rained so hard my California parking lot had a coating of 2-inches of rain water (37.678445, -121.770422) held in place by the down pour. And we’re the experts that started all this right here in our National Lab at LLNL. We thought we had a good weapon we could use in undeclared wars to push western global Banking Hegemony and overthrow governments and hide it under the cover story of atmospheric shielding to mitigate global warming. We even have the global warming meme taught to our kids at the earliest date. So by the time they get to college age, they’re manageable and believe at a deep level that global warming is all man-made. Few if any actually read the atmospheric scientific research. And we don’t fund our researchers to publish papers showing the entire solar system is heating up, that takes away from our “man made mantra”.

    But everything is falling apart on our carefully laid plans here in Black Ops. Who knew the people would find out and revolt ….. this time against us? Sheesz, so much for our NWO; nature seems to have it’s own plan….again…… I think we may need more Fluoride in the drinking water; people seem to be waking up.

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