Military Electronic Warfare Expert Warns of Covert Genocide 12

USAF Electronic Warfare Center

Since the 1950s, Soviet/Russian and U.S. Militaries have  been researching electromagnetic frequencies to determine which are the most harmful to humans.

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Oct, 2012 – National Day Of Action Against Smart Meters with Jerry Flynn (Video)

.April 29, 2015

James G. (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (Retired)
5181 Gainsberg Road,
Bowser, B.C., V0R 1G0
778 424-9609

Parliamentary Health Committee (HESA) 2015
Ottawa, ON. Canada

Dear Committee Members,

Safety Code 6 plus Corruption = An Emerging Genocide!

Distinguished international scientists and leading health researchers in the recondite science of non-ionizing radiation know that the most dangerous threat to human health – EVER – is the ongoing, unchecked proliferation of wireless radio devices, such as Smart Meters, baby monitors, cell phones, cell phone towers, cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi and WiMAX installations (which can blanket entire major cities!), GPS, Bluetooth, tablet and laptop computers, Interactive TV games, RFIDs, etc., all of which emit toxic “low-level, pulsed, non-thermal radio frequency (RF) radiation”!

For clarity, “microwaves” are electromagnetic waves with frequencies between 300 MHz (0.3 GHz) and 300 GHz in the RF spectrum, which spans from 3 kHz to 300 GHz.

I am a retired Canadian Armed Forces captain who spent 22 of my 26 years in the military in the arcane fields of Electronic Warfare (EW) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT). At the zenith of my career, I was the Executive Officer and Operations Officer at one of Canada’s largest and most sensitive intelligence-gathering stations, where for two years I personally directed some 200-plus specially-trained radio operators and technicians. Subsequently, I was posted into National Defense Headquarters (NDHQ), Ottawa, into the Directorate of Electronic Warfare (DEW). In this two-year period, I worked closely with U.S., Canadian and NATA army E.W. units, completed a lengthy NATO army EW officers’ course in Anzio, Italy and participated in a major NATO army EW field exercise in the Black Forest of Germany. Earlier in my career, I conducted EW aboard two Canadian warships in exercises with Canadian, U.S. and other international naval allies. My bread and butter for more than 22 years was the radio frequency (RF) spectrum.

Military History
All governments need to realize that, since at least the 1950s, Soviet/Russian and U.S. Militaries have each spent vast sums of money painstakingly studying and cataloguing all RF frequencies to determine which are the most harmful to humans! The Soviets irradiated the U.S. Embassy in Moscow for 23 years (1953-1976) for just 6-8 hours a day, five days a week, using similar frequencies, similar modulations, and even less power than are used in today’s Smart Meters, baby monitors, cell phones, etc.! Even though the Embassy was irradiated for what amounted to just 25% of the time, three U.S. ambassadors died: two from cancer, one from Leukemia-like symptoms; 16 women developed breast cancer, and most other staff suffered illnesses of some sort. The U.S. military responded by launching its Project Pandora (1954-1971), from which they too learned which specific frequencies, with which modulations, at what power densities had the most devastating effects on humans – which included: cancers, heart attacks, hysteria, trauma, suicides, etc.

Governments need to realize that all modern militaries now possess ever-expanding arsenals of EW weapons, which use precisely the same RF frequencies that inexcusably ignorant Industry Canada today permits wireless and telecom companies, and now utilities, to utilize in their wireless products (see below)! Militaries have long known that:

  • Microwaves are the “perfect” weapon, for one cannot hear, see, smell, taste or feel them, plus they leave no trace of evidence!
  • Frequencies within the band 900 MHz (or 0.9 GHz) to 5 GHz are the most lethal against humans because they penetrate more deeply all organ systems of the body and therefore put all human organs at risk!
    (Yet Industry Canada has authorized baby monitors, Smart Meters and all of today’s other wireless devices to operate in this very band of frequencies!)
  • ‘Pulsed’ radiation is more harmful to humans than is “continuous wave” radiation.
    (Yet Industry Canada permits today’s wireless products to emit pulsed radiation!)
  • The harmful effects of EMR (electromagnetic radiation) are cumulative; they add up!
  • Certain frequencies are unique in that the weakest levels of radiation, for reasons unknown, cause more harm to humans than does more powerful radiation.
  • Soviet/Russian scientists produced thousands of studies, which were offered to the West, showing that non-thermal radiation (the kind emitted by today’s wireless products) is harmful to all life forms. Both the corrupt WHO (World Health Organization) and ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) – who study only thermal radiation – refused the offer, thus denying Western scientists the opportunity to learn about non-thermal radiation from the Soviet/Russian studies!

Non-Military Science
Distinguished scientists and leading health researchers around the globe know that:

  • There is no such thing as a ‘safe’ threshold of radiation; the only ‘safe’ level is zero!
  • The non-thermal RF radiation (also called EMR) emitted by all wireless devices is cumulative; it all combines and blends together, like an ever-thickening fog!
  • Non-thermal EMR causes, promotes or is linked to the exponential rise in all of today’s major illnesses, including all cancers, ADHD, asthma, Multiple Sclerosis, leukemia, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Autism, ADD, Parkinson’s, ALS, etc. (Yet Health Canada refuses to admit this!)
  • Cancers and other major diseases have a latency period of 10-15 years or more!
  • Cell phones have never been tested for ‘safety’ in any jurisdiction to prove they can be used by and/or around people on a continuous 24/7/365 basis, in perpetuity)!
  • In 1984, the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) exempted cell phones from having to undergo mandatory ‘pre-market’ testing because industry convinced them that cell phone radiation was too weak to be of concern. This opened the flood-gates for today’s constellation of wireless devices, including Smart Meters, all of which use the same technology on similar frequencies!
  • Not one peer-reviewed scientific study exists – anywhere – showing that cell phones are safe!
  • The U.S. Cell phone industry’s own six-year study ($28.5-million USD, in ’93-’99) showed they are not safe!
  • All cell phone Owner Manuals contain, in very fine print, warnings for the user not to hold the phone closer than, in the case of Blackberry – 0.98”; Apple – 5/8”; Motorola – 1” from any part of the body – not just the head!
  • Since 2001 Motorola, Nokia, Siemens and other cell phone companies have taken out global patents that acknowledge cell phone radiation can lead to cancers!
  • Wireless and cell phone companies, and electric utilities cannot get insurance against health-related claims attributed to wireless radiation!
  • In 2010, CTIA’s (Cellular Telecommunications Internet Association)’s own Sr. VP External and State Affairs told a public audience in California: “I have not told you once, not once, that cell phones are safe; The FCC is telling you they are safe!” (CTIA is the industry’s association that lobbies all levels of government across the U.S. on behalf of its members)

It is absolutely frightening to realize how completely inept and negligent the Government of Canada has been since the 1980s in fulfilling its duty to protect the public from the toxic non-thermal EMR” emitted by wireless radio devices! Aside from Health Canada – who are notoriously corrupt, dating back to the 1970s – not one competent senior health authority exists – either in Ottawa or in any of the provinces – who has any meaningful knowledge of or expertise in this form of radiation – which is literally everywhere today! This means that: No provincial Minister of Health; No provincial senior public health officer (PHO); No national Chief PHO; No member of Canada’s “Pan-Canadian Public Health Network”; Nor, I suspect, any senior member of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is capable of protecting the Canadian public, because they are all ignorant of non-thermal EMR – which Health Canada steadfastly insists does not harm people! Shocking! Disgraceful! Absolutely criminal!

It is impossible to exaggerate the unprecedented danger all Canadians find themselves in today (as is the case for most people in the world), which could not possibly have happened had this admittedly recondite subject matter (non-ionizing radiation) been taught to aspiring medical doctors in medical schools; been recognized or understood by the CMA; or had our series of national Chief PHOs been selected more carefully. With no one to provide oversight, Health Canada continues to be able to do much as it pleases. One has only to Google: “Michael Repacholi, World Health Organization, Corruption,” to gain a glimpse of the corruption just one scientist brought, not only to Health Canada, but to ICNIRP and then to the WHO itself! Another glimpse can be had by Googling: “Health Canada, Conflict of Interest, Sharon Noble.

All governments in Canada and the public need to also note that, with no competent health authority to question or challenge its decisions, Health Canada has been free to promulgate a ‘one size fits all’ radiation Exposure Limit in Safety Code 6, which applies to all Canadians – regardless of size or the state of one’s health! It makes no distinction between tiny developing embryos, pregnant women, newborn babies, children, normal-sized adults, huge men and women, the sick and elderly! Yet scientists have known for years that a baby’s skull absorbs at least five (5) times as much radiation as does an adult’s!

All levels of government, all health care authorities across Canada, and the CMA itself need to wake up and realize that both Health Canada and Industry Canada are – and have been for decades – deeply embedded with what has become a corrupt cartel of the four radiation Regulatory Agencies: WHO, ICNIRP, IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). All share similar egregiously high radiation Exposure Limits – which are amongst the highest/most dangerous in the world! All have strong ties to the electricity industry!

Neither Health Canada nor any of its corrupt cartel colleagues will recognize (admit) that:

  • Non-thermal EMR can be harmful to humans and all life forms!
    (Their collective position is: “If the radiation does not heat the skin, it cannot be harmful”!)
  • Powerline (60 Hz) electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are harmful to people!
    (Scientists say that a safe ambient level of EMFs in a home would be not more than 1 mG (milliGauss)! They’ve known for decades that an ambient level of just 3-4 mG causes Leukemia in children! Russia allows up to 1.5 mG; Sweden, up to 2.5 mG!
    Note: Contrast the above with all members of the ‘Western cartel; who are tied to the electricity industry: Health Canada – says EMFs have not been proven harmful, and therefore it allows EMFs up to 1,000 m’G! IEEE – allows up to 10,000 mG! ICNIRP and WHO – both allow 2,000 mG for short term exposure in residences, and up to 9,000 mG for short term occupational exposure!
  • EHS is a legitimate impairment or disability people experience when constantly exposed to EMR and/or EMFs! (Discovered by German scientists in 1932, the WHO finally recognized EHS in 2005, as have many countries of the world. It is known that Nikola Tesla was EHS!

Governments must no longer ignore what the Soviet/Russian and U.S. Militaries learned from their seven-decades-long exhaustive research: a) microwaves are the perfect military weapon; b) low-level, pulsed, non-thermal radiation – at even the weakest levels – is harmful to all living things; and, c) the most lethal frequencies within the entire RF band are between 900 MHz to 5 GHz – and are particularly lethal to a human’s central nervous system and immune system. Any EMR emitted on microwave frequencies is a potential weapon – not a consumer product!

That Industry Canada could see fit to permit today’s wireless radio devices, such as Smart Meters, baby monitors, cell phones, etc., to utilize the above-mentioned band of lethal frequencies speaks volumes for their gross ignorance of what militaries have long known. There exist today literally thousands of studies done by honest scientists from around the world showing that any wireless radio device is harmful to people, flora and fauna! The evidence is simply too compelling. In all decency, it must no longer be ignored!

In closing, I have evidence to support everything I have said above. My earnest hope is that each of you is now better able to understand today’s reality. One cannot exaggerate the scale and scope of today’s corruption — that now literally threatens the entire globe! Unless you and other honest elected officials elsewhere put a stop to this insanity, mankind’s worst-ever genocide will become a reality! I am available to answer questions. Thank you for your time.

Jerry Flynn
James G. (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (Retired)
5181 Gainsberg Road,
Bowser, B.C., V0R 1G0
778 424-9609


  1. Dear Readers,
    This from the Horse’s Mouth in America, one can’t get better evidence than this from James G “ Jerry “ Flynn Captain Retired of the U.S Air Force, Electronics and Microwave Expert. Similar to in many respects to Mr Barrie Trower of the British Underwater Frog man Navy I sent you many months ago. There’s a Video to go with it. Richard Leschen says……. “ I’d like to see all dopy Mobile Phone and dopy Baby Monitors and dopy so-called Electric A.M.I Smart Meters which are actually unlawful Spying Machines and dopy Microwave Radio sending and receiving units atop of high towers and or buildings and also partly hidden in palm trees in California as well as in outside or exterior huge Church Crucifixes, as shown in the Debra Tavares Video’s clearly shows gotten rid of every one of these Microwave Units. Every one of these abominations it seems from the evidence I have gathered over the last four (4) years from world-wide research seems to be a now seemingly source of now Type 2B Cancer making machines for humans and all forms of life. This is backed up by the World Health Organisation which I sent you some time ago finally admitting this regarding Microwave Radiation from the above not only being a very likely cause of this Type 2B Carcinogen Poisoning for humans, but that they the World Health Organisation are seriously lifting this designation of Microwave Radiation here mentioned to the more serious level of Type 2B to the far higher danger level of a Type 2A level from a possible Carcinogen to that of a probable Level which is even more serious.”

    “Why dopy ARPANSA and the N.B.N in Canberra and the people in charge of the N.B.N in Canberra such as Mr Malcolm Turnbull and his prodgie before him Mr Steven Conroy aka Mr Red Underpants don’t get rid of this Evil and Filthy Technology is simple…………The answer is this………I allege that both men and their ILK are corrupt and paid by the Microwave Industry to keep all of this poisonous Microwave Radiation dopy Electric A.M.I Smart Meter, read here not so Smart Meters but now seemingly to be Carcinogen Causing Technology going for COMMERCIAL or PROFIT MONEY MAKING REASONS, and to HELL with People’s Health. “ “ I have since found out that the politicians in Canberra and people, that is the plebiscite in general In Canberra will not be getting the Microwave A.M.I Smart Meters, = Not So Smart Meters but really dopy and Unlawful or Illegal Spying Devices.” “Now that smacks of double Standards to me for sure. It’s ok to poison the Victorian State of Australia’s people and now other States in Australia as well as Tasmania, but Canberra stays wrapped in bandages and is not to have this Evil Poisonous and Wicked Technology ?!, very strange indeed. Seems to me that Victoria’s been the first Guinea Pig State but is right now not alone in these Wicked and Unlawful Nazi Type of Dr Mengele and Insane Microwave Experiments. Such Experiments are Unlawful according to the Geneva Convention and other Humanitarian Covenants. See the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and responsibilities Act 2006 which I have sent to all of you as well as Brodie’s Law, Now LAW in the High Court of Australia and made Law in June of 2011. It is an absolute disgrace the way these INSANE Microwave Experiments are still being carried out is most countries of the world including Australia, That’s correct, it’s a BLOODY DISGRACE ! It’s time for intelligent people to get rid of your Electronic Teddy Childish Teddy Bear Mobile Microwave Poisonous Soppy and Dopy now seemingly to be Type 2B Carcinogen Machines and soon to be recalssified Type 2A Carcinogen machines and to get rid of dopy and far from Smart Electric A.M.I machines and dopy Microwave Poisoning Baby Monitors and dopy All Life Poisoning Microwave Sending and Receiving Radios atop of high towers and building WORLD WIDE. I have now warned you ALL ! ”


    Richard Leschen.

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  5. Im not sure if Russia misuse their DEW microwaves burning & hearing into his civilians ? Unlike USA who terrorize military equipment into their own civilians more than 2 million people are covert victims

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