Army Captain Exposes Radioactive “Aerosols” as UN Depopulation Agenda 4

Dr. William Mount Blog

Dr. William Mount mugDr. William Mount presents documents as evidence for sterilization of regional populations using radioactive aerosols.

It’s well publicized that depleted uranium (DU) is a major issue of sterility and birth defects recklessly unleashed by the DoD. The DU issue, alone is likely responsible for the sperm bank activity among the military troops deployed to affected combat regions.

But without acknowledging the DU issue, Mount presents documents as evidence for sterilization of regional populations using radioactive “aerosols”.  This suggests that aircraft are spraying uranium-laced particles embedded in the fuel of jet engines or sprayed out of nozzles.

Is it possible the artillery shell version of the vaporization of DU artillery shells is promoted as a limited hangout?  Are uranium-laced aerosols being sprayed over targeted areas using manned or unmanned jet aircraft or drones?

In the video, Dr. Mount invites phone calls for those with questions: 253-686-6290

Referenced Documents:

  • PTSD, Infertility and Other Consequences of War (VT)
  • Formation of the Oxide Fume and Aerosol Dispersal From the Oxidation of Uranium Metal at Temperatures less Than 1000 C. (PDF)

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  1. I’ve been reading up on Chlorine Dioxide and it’s many beneficial healthcare cleansing uses. I use it myself. Highly diluted, it functions as an anti-oxidant with “cancer curing” mythology tied into it’s use. Additionally it flushes out heavy metals. It may be a good way to protect our vets and ourselves during this period of illuminati death throws. Just use Search key-words: “Jim Humble” + “Chlorine Dioxide” + “MMS” 😇

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