Newtonian Physics Supports Moon Landing Hoax 2

“Make Believe: Smoke & Mirrors” is an extraordinary set of videos where Newtonian physics is employed to clearly demonstrate the Apollo moon landing video footage could not have been produced on the moon.

This compelling evidence was accomplished through free-fall acceleration calculations of numerous objects including instances of sand kicked-up by the “astronauts”.

This forensic analysis also establishes how news media deceptions – like the collapse of the Twin Towers and numerous other propaganda events –  are accomplished using the powerful mind-control technology of mass media television.

TV is Mind Control - DEES

Visit the vast resources on “Media and Mind-Control” available at

That is PHASE 1 of our effort. PHASE 2 will involve another level of ENHANCEMENT, where we do such things as side-by-sides of astronauts and objects falling. That is exciting! We can’t wait to show you!

Make Believe Apollo Hoax Analysis



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