The DNA MAFIA: Chemtails, GMO’s, Vaccines, Bio-engineering 2


Chemtrails hardly get any more blatant than this.

Jasper Chemtrails-AerosolsClimate scientist at CERN explains how aerosols sprayed by jets can produce the type of drought now threatening water and food rights in California. (More)

Just what is up with what we’ve all been seeing up in the sky? Lingering, persistent aerosols that some dismiss as jet contrails or aberrant cloud formations are actually just the most visible and mysterious part of an ongoing climate engineering effort that is admittedly being tested (and enacted) on an increasingly larger scale.

On the surface, it’s rumored by disinfo sources as an attempt curb global warming by dimming and/or reflecting the sun’s rays.  But behind the veneer of state propaganda are corporate profit motives that include ownership of water and the life-sustaining food it produces.

Ellen Brown, a California litigation attorney has gone public alleging that aerosol climate modification is responsible for the State’s extended drought, endangering a huge contribution to the nation’s food supply by deliberately denying normal rainfall. (More)

The result of corporate ownership of water, food (GMO crops) and human DNA leads to the inescapable conclusion that population control is part of the agenda through what author, Naomi Klein calls “Disaster Capitalism”.

A major event involving attacks on Dr. Oz serves to warn of a corporate agenda to remove the public’s voice in deciding their own family’s nutrition.  In this drama, Monsanto was behind an attempt to take away the public’s right to know which of our foods are natural and which foods have been altered by genetic modification by removing a requirement to label GMO foods.. (Dr. Oz Show Video) (Label GMO’s)

Vaccine Mafia Wins:  California is Now a Medical Police State.

In direct violation of the American Medical Association’s Code of Ethics, the California Senate used unethical methods to pass SB277 to require mandatory vaccinations.

The Senate achieved the skulduggery by rigging the vote and silencing all public testimony at the hearing, essentially shoving this legislation down the throats of their own constituents. *** Continue

Covert Deployment of Dangerous Bioengeered Pathogens

The New Biology by Clifford E Carnicom – Apr 09 2014

It is generally perceived that the so-called “Morgellons” issue is primarily, if not exclusively, a human  condition.  It is not.

It will be found that this condition actually represents a fundamental change in the state  and nature of biology as it is known on this earth.  The evidence now indicates and demonstrates that there is, at the heart of the “condition”,  a new growth form that transcends, as a minimum,  the plant and animal  boundaries.  The precedent for this argument was made some time past in the paper entitled “Morgellons : A New  Classification” (Feb 2010); the central theme of that paper remains valid at this time.  The very classification  of the domains of life is central to that paper.

Readers may also wish to refer to the papers entitled, “Animal Blood” (Jan 2010) and “And Now Our Children” (Jan 2008), where additional precedents were established.  The August 2011 video presentation, “Geo-Engineering & Bio-Engineering : The Unmistakable Link” is also relevant here.

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