Sandy Hook Connection to China Knife Murders and New World Order 3

Sandy Hook and the New World Order


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In this article titled Sandy Hook and the New World Order, guest contributor Tony Mead examines Sandy Hook’s close ties to an emerging superpower.

As the world continues to evolve into Global Economy with Global concerns, it may come as no surprise that the super powers of the world will often work together to achieve a common goal.

Is it too farfetched to believe that the agendas propagated by the Sandy Hook Hoax were a collaborative effort of the United States and Chinese Governments ?

Did you know that in September of 2012, Governor Dannel Malloy made a trip to China and promised to increase exports to China by “double or maybe even triple”? This was the first time a Governor had traveled to China since 1987!

Documentary: Die, America, Die: Texe Marrs

“America will go out with a bang and not a whimper, though, indeed, there will be a whimpering mass of surprised citizens whose minds and senses will be unable to register the horror that has befallen their once great and prosperous empire.”

“China will be the leader of the New World Order. American citizens better not resist.” — George Soros

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  1. This article is a MUST READ. At the end of the article there is a link on the last George Soros quote. It will take you to an article that outlines Soros’ intent to have China take over America. There you can order the video for $25 – IT’S WORTH EVERY PENNY – buy it and share it with your friends. Let there be no doubt – YOU are the target America!

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