Climate Skeptics Descend on Vatican – Seek to Influence Pope on ‘Global Warming’ 2

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Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano will be part of a high level skeptical delegation with the Heartland Institute, traveling to Rome to offer alternative voices to the Vatican and Pope Francis on global warming. The skeptical delegation will hold counter events during Pope Francis’ climate summit on April 28 at the Vatican. (See: Pope Francis to Host Major Summit on Climate Change)

Morano will join skeptical scientists from NASA and elsewhere, to lay out a detailed case explaining why climate science does not justify the Vatican putting its faith in the work of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) or the UN climate agenda. *** Continue


  1. What’s a “Climate Skeptic”? I don’t believe in Global Warming…I assume you mean people like me? That’s just a Moonbat attack label. I believe in the climate. I’m not skeptical that the climate exists! LOL!

    There is NO such thing as a “Climate Skeptic.” There are Global Warming Believers…but no Climate Skeptics. Nice try though.

    And who gives a rats hairy arse if the Pope goes in for Global Warming or not!? He’s got no pull. I mean…most Warmers are Atheists anyhow! How much sway will the Pope have over them!? NONE.

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