Reject All IPCC Climate Assessment Reports Until Consequences of Covert Geoengineering Are Made Public 3

UPDATE:  This post was originally based on a draft report released in January 2013 for a 90-day public comment period. Over 4,000 public comments were received and addressed by the authors. A panel of the National Academies also reviewed the draft report and published its consensus report. The report was revised by the authors in response to the public comments and National Academies review.  NCADAC then submitted the Government Review Draft and the derivative Highlights document for formal interagency review. Final versions of the Third NCA and Highlights were adopted by NCADAC on May 6, 2014, and submitted to the Federal government. (More)

Climate-Gate Continues:  The IPCC’s continued practice of data manipulation fraud and gross departure from the scientific method is fully covered in this highly acclaimed 2014 book release: “The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science”, authored by Tim Ball, PhD.

Gore Chemtrails is Conspiracy Theory GW is RealResponse to request for Public Review – Draft Climate Assessment Report Released for Public Review in 2013.  (Link)

We must reject all climate change assessments, statements and reports issued by the IPCC and NCADAC as irresponsible and incomplete until the measured consequences of past decades of aerosol geoengineering and associated electromagnetic climate modification weapons are made public.

House Resolution 2977 named the aerosols as “chemtrails” and described them as an “exotic weapon” in the text of the document. This resolution was submitted in 2001 by Rep., Dennis Kucinich (D), a member of the Congress from Ohio at the time.

HR 2977 is a government document that confirms the existence of “chemtails” as a weapon – not mitigation for global warming.  Despite this robust legislative history, thirteen federal agencies disingenuously treat this highly visible aerosol operation as a “top secret” operation as was the “Manhattan Project” during WWII.

The United States Air Force Academy can take credit for the popularity of the word “Chemtrails”.  Following first publication of the “chemtrails” pilot training manual in 1990, the taxpayer funded term was adapted to popular use by environmentalists and weather observers to describe unusual or “false” contrail emissions from jet aircraft.  See a detailed history of “chemtrails” here.

The American people are justifiably outraged when federal agencies and congressional committees resort to disinformation and lies to obfuscate the public’s already confirmed knowledge of the government’s secret climate change operation.  Multiple, open-source investigations and the government’s own publications confirm that covert climate geoengineering has been an active program for many years.

Public records from 1966 reveal NASA and ICAS (Interdepartmental Committee on Atmospheric Sciences) created the inter-agency weather modification programs at the same time the US military was admittedly developing electromagnetic weapons and ionospheric heaters to deform the ionosphere in order to control the climate.

climate_mafia-us-agencies-7The National weather Modification program involved what is now 13 federal agencies listed in the 2013 Assessment document who are working in unison to provide lock-step denial of a program that’s being carried out in plain sight above the heads and into the lungs of millions of Americans.

NOAA and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reported that aerosols – delivered by aircraft – are an effective way to change the intensity of cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons.

Under auspices of the Hurricane Aerosol Microphysics Program (HAMP), Joe Golden – a former NOAA head – presented the aerosol data to the American Meteorological Society in 2010 in the context of “hurricane mitigation”. But during the recorded presentation, Dr. Golden sounded almost gleeful when he revealed that strategic deployment of aerosols was capable of increasing the destructive force of hurricanes – and presumably, the ability to create hurricanes out of a low level tropical depressions.

It’s more than interesting that HAMP computer models selected Hurricane Katrina for their aerosol deployment simulation.  A review of Katrina’s satellite images reveals multiple aerosol dumps were deployed in the Gulf of Mexico days ahead of the monster hurricane’s disastrous land-fall in New Orleans.

The NOAA/DHS funding for HAMP is completely in line with a 1996 stated mission of the US Air Force “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 “. This mission falls under the joint command’s objective for Full Spectrum Dominance

The US Congress, military and 13 federal agencies continue to insult the American people by denigrating anyone who questions the obvious jet aerosol operation as a “conspiracy theorist”. These obviously contrived responses from taxpayer funded federal agencies is no longer acceptable.

The American people will no longer accept any IPCC climate assessment while the entire history and global climate impact from decades of aerosol geoengineering and electromagnetic climate change weapons deployment is an unreported cover-up.


♦ Federally funded Aerosol Geoengineering program operated by the Department of Homeland Security as operation HAAMP (Hurricane Aerosol and Microphysics Program) ie: Aerosols found to be very effective at manipulating intensity of tropical cyclones Source

♦ Satellite images confirm Katrina was under the influence of aerosol engineering. (Source)

Hurricane Sandy: Evidence of an engineered storm (Source)

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♦ Documentaries provides analysis and motive Source

♦ Jasper Kirkby, PhD – an atmospheric CLOUD scientist at CERN presents evidence of aerosol geoengineering to an audience in 2009. “These are clouds which are seeded by jets dumping aerosols into the upper atmosphere”. Source

HR-2977 – Space Preservation Act of 2001 – Rep., Dennis Kucinich Source

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The 2013 National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee or NCADAC

Download Copy From Local Server Here


Continue to the Official Government Website




    • your head is in the sand if you do not see these nasty chemicals being sprayed on us. How about al the yellow and white spots on your car and windows> What are they from? facts cannot be denied, humans are causing climate change for the past 4 decades. Read the government sanctioning aerosols to be sprayed by Evergreen airplanes and Kennedy back in 1961 suggested seeding the clouds with aluminum to help “control the weather”. Wake up, look up, and speak up for the truth.

  1. What utter denial and head in the sand, those that do not see the destruction these chemtrails are causing. How uneducated and stupid can they be? Facts are what they are, and cannot be denied.

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