Singer, Joni Mitchell Afflicted With Bio-Engineered “Morgellons” Disease 6


Joni Mitchell MugJoni Mitchell remains in the hospital and is “resting comfortably,” according to an update on the website, “She continues to improve and get stronger each day,” the post said.

The singer was hospitalized last Tuesday in Los Angeles after being found unconscious in her home.

It’s unclear what caused her to become unconscious.

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Carnicom Morgellons Research

The 71-year-old singer-songwriter revealed last year to Billboard that she has a rare skin condition, called Morgellons disease, which prevents her from touring.

In 2010, Mitchell told a reporter at the Los Angeles Times that she has a “weird, incurable disease that seems like it’s from outer space.” She said the condition is the reason why she often hides from the public eye. Mitchell described seeing “fibers in a variety of colors protrude out of my skin like mushrooms after a rainstorm: they cannot be forensically identified as animal, vegetable or mineral.”

“Morgellons is a slow, unpredictable killer — a terrorist disease: it will blow up one of your organs, leaving you in bed for a year,” she continued. “Morgellons is always diagnosed as ‘delusion of parasites,’ and they send you to a psychiatrist. I’m actually trying to get out of the music business to battle for Morgellons sufferers to receive the credibility that’s owed to them.” (Source)

The eight-time Grammy winner is the voice behind such songs as “River,” “Both Sides Now,” “Woodstock,” “Chelsea Morning” and “Big Yellow Taxi.” She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997.

Last year, Mitchell released four-disc box set. Her most recent studio album, “Shine,” came out in 2007. She recently attended Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy bash in Los Angeles. (CBS NEWS)


  1. morgellon: it origin is a result of bio-magnetic plasma containment, if a fungal spore is present at the time of containment (don’t ask, who) they too are cocooned along with healthy tissue to suppress radiation tissue decay but it can evolve and thrive into morgellons, a bio-magnetic ionized staph infection highly contagious by contact as well as close proximity, ionized [radio-active] it can be transmitted by the human body’s em field

    [Morgellons, In many cases it is intentionally introduced to the victim to track them and or to track the rate of irradiated tissue decay]
    Morgellons fugal spore is also used to track narcotics [by CIA, FBI, and local law enforcement civilian anti-drug vigilantes mob stalking & intimidation tactics] and in medical bio-surveillance after nuclear accidents, unsuspecting residents exposed to after a nuclear accident to track the rate of fungal growth.

    [Morgellons, In many cases it is intentionally introduced to the victim to track them and or to track the rate of irradiated tissue decay]

  2. I am heartbroken to hear this; that our beautiful Joni is afflicted and suffering with this disease. This woman gave so much happiness and joy to so many through her incredible poetic and musical genius. She’s no slouch as an artist either. The bioterrorists who engineered and released this on the public deserve to be tracked down and fry for it! God Bless you Joni- wishing you a speedy and full recovery.

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