Small Jets Now Engaged in Spraying False Contrails 2

Two of several reports from SE Florida observer, “Don Quixote” (DQ) of small jets spraying false contrails (chemtrails). In all cases the tail number is missing from the Flight Radar-24 report.

C 680, Citation Sovereign  – No Tail Number

“Seeing several of these no name small jet dumping today …Cessna, Bombardier etc.  C680 appeared to take off from Chub Cay in the Bahamas.” (DQ)

2015-04-06  Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign Radar T-MLAT2 def chm flt
Bombardier BD 100, Challenger 300 – No Tail number
“This criminal dumped over my home in Fort Lauderdale, turned off the chems after reaching the coast and landed in La Ramana airport in the Dominican Republic.
Is there anyone near this airport who would be willing to confront these criminals ?
I would also love to know why flightradar does not show FAA ID numbers for these small aircraft.” (DQ)
CL30 Dallas to La Ramona airport in Dominican Repubic



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