Chemtrails, NEXRAD and the Deliberate Engineering of Climate Change Explained Reply

Chemtrails Wolf Sheep Agenda 21 Science FraudBy Dylan Jones:  The cooling operations in the East are a Psy-op to fool the masses into believing global warming is not a reality. The trails are also more noticeable – occurring during the day and blotting out sunlight. These are the (chem) trails that people began noticing in the 90’s as they occurred with increasing frequency over populated areas.  The geoengineers brought them in to mask their warming agenda.

The Ridiculously Resilient Ridge in the west is caused by warming weather modifcation which results in a weakening of the clockwise rotation of the high pressure system moving north and thus also the strength of the jetstream winds.

The Terribly Tenacious Trough in the east is caused by cooling weather modification resulting in a weakening of the counter-clockwise rotation of the low pressure system moving south and thus also the strength of the jetstream winds.

The air masses encroach further north and further south respectively leading to the meridional (wavy) pattern of the jet stream which is the result of climate engineering and not the cause.  This pattern persists because covert weather modification operations persists ad nauseum.

HAARP has many children and they are all around us in abundance in the form of Doppler radar which works to augment the atmosphere – not the ionosphere as does  HAARP.

How Nexrad Works to Turn Natural Storms into Biblical Floods  (Direct Video Link)

The rotating frequency of Doppler radar strips electrons from the air, accelerating cloud condensation thus releasing latent heat which lofts water vapour up into the higher atmosphere where it is locked up by chemtrail aerosol hyper-nucleation (CCN). This results in massive cirrus cloud formations which trap heat and set up a warming feedback system. This is the mechanism alluded to by Dr. Jasper Kirkby in his 2009 presentation at CERN. (Complete Article)

I believe the larger Ionospheric heaters based in the north do something similar but manipulate the Stratosphere on a larger scale, leading to the enhanced formation of Polar Stratospheric Clouds which heat the Arctic in conjunction with seeding with aerosol dumps..

For cooling operations – frequency activated  ice nucleating chemtrails are employed which have the opposite effect moving cold air masses further south.

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