Climate FAIL: Gallup poll shows global warming concerns dead last 1

Watts Up With That?

Climate message only reaching the already converted – Americans worry least about global warming

trends-in-enviro-opinionEric Worrall writes:

Gallup Inc., the management consultancy famous for its well known and widely trusted opinion polls, has published a summary of environmental concerns, which make grim reading for anyone hoping to spark public interest in climate scare stories.

The poll summary is divided between Republicans and Democrats, and compares responses in the year 2000, vs responses in 2015.

Amongst Republicans, the percentage of people who are worried about climate change has plummeted, from 29% to 16%.

Amongst Democrats, concern has risen, but only slightly – from 48% to 52%.

According to Gallup, the implications of this finding;

“Americans’ concern about a series of potential environmental threats remains on the low end of what Gallup has measured over the past 25 years. Last year’s increased worry proved temporary, rather than the start of a trend…

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