Top Six Problems With IPCC Version of “Climate Change” 25

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Suspicious 0bserver, Ben Davidson, acknowledges climate geoengineering plays a role in IPCC climate fraud.

Top 6 “Climate Change” Problems

Ben Davidson EU 2014 MugBen Davidson is a Solar and Space weather analyst with a subscriber base of more than 40,000 online subscribers. Ben’s regular 3 to 4 minute daily updates on solar, earthquake, geophysical and weather activity are widely regarded as unique and highly professional. (Complete Bio)

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Juris Doctorate – Capital University Law School 2011 -Summer Clerkship, Justice Pfeiffer, The Supreme Court of Ohio

BA Economics – Denison University 2006-2008 -Golf Team, 2007 All-Conference Team Econ/Meteorology – Penn State University (Schreyers’ Honors) 2003-2005.

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VIDEO: Top 6 “Climate Change” Problems

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1 – The Climate is Changing Unexpectedly

2 – It Is Difficult to Trust What You Hear

 3 – The Future is Uncertain

4 – The Entire Solar System is Shifting

 5 – The Sun May Dictate Our Future

6 – Someone is Screwing With the Weather



    Here’s my take on ‘Climate Change’:
    There is no such thing as climate change scientifically speaking – period – end of story.
    But wait how could any reasonable person say such a thing? Everybody has heard of climate change; everyone is talking about climate change; it’s on the news; it’s in the press; it’s in print, even the President of the United States says that climate change is real. So how can I say that there is no such thing as climate change scientifically speaking?
    That’s simple – because you’ve all been duped by a play on words – it’s called ‘word magic’. And just because everyone is saying it doesn’t make it true.
    Let me explain. Scientifically speaking we have ‘climate variation’ not ‘climate change’. You see climate variation is scientific terminology whereas climate change is political terminology.
    Climate variation is a real scientific term that both accurately and objectively describes the cyclical nature of climate. Climate change is a manufactured political term that’s subjectively applied by the user to evoke an emotional response from their audience. Scientists that are claiming there is climate change or who are using the term climate change in their ‘peer reviewed’ scientific studies and writings need to be called out for using such unscientific, unprofessional and inaccurate terminology.
    Unfortunately great scientists have had to use the term and deal with this term because it’s in use. It’s time to identify it as I have done above and kill the term dead in it’s tracks.
    I hereby give permission to anybody to use my statement of fact stated above. Add it to your conversations, your websites, your scientific papers so we can expose and put an end to this progressive beast known as ‘change’.

  2. This informative website puts the falsehood of the “pause” in global warming to bed.
    The “skeptics” first choose the warmest recent year they find, in this case the El Nino of 1998 then, they ignore 20 years of previous temperature records. Next, they draw a line from this high peak to the trough of the lowest La Nina year they can find. They ignore the true line of best fit, the overall trend which shows a clear warming trend from 1979 to the present day.
    NASA and climate scientists state that the years starting since 1998 have been the hottest in all recorded temperature history.

    Did global warming stop in 1998, 1995, 2002, 2007, 2010?

    Call it climate change or climate variation, split nano-fibres if you like, the temperature has warmed on average across the globe from the 1970’s to an unprecedented level beyond natural variation.
    Another mistruth is that climate scientists have not factored in the sun’s influence on temperatures. This is also put to rest in this video. Temperatures have overridden the downturn in the solar cycle – unprecedented in history.

    Climate Denial Crock of the Week – Solar Schmolar

    Sun & climate: moving in opposite directions

    • Time passes to erode the findings in this 2009 video. We’ve had a major pause in solar activity since this video was posted.

    • Since the orthodox agencies of extreme corruption have never ruled out warming due to Chemtrails )long wave trapping) and climate weapons we must consider these as the must lkely reasons second to the deliberate corruption of climate science as revealed in Tim Ball’s book by that title.

    • Decreased solar output results in increased penetration of cosmic rays that are otherwise deflected during moderately active years of solar flare activity. Earth’s geophysical issues have been largely over-looked. Magnetic north is racing toward Siberia and the magma is increasingly unstable. The South pole ice area is growing while the ice thickness is undermined by volcanic vent activity. Extremes of hot and cold weather are to be expected under these larger peak-to-peak variations.

      • Regarding the decreased solar output. Watch the video I posted on Sun and climate.,It’s crystal clear that warming has overridden the downturn in solar activity since 1980. Before this reduced sunspots correspond with cooling. Scientists point to this period as when CO2 warming overrides the sunspot cycle. I regard the CO2 warming as misinformation – it’s the artificial clouds that have caused this.
        If you want, I can send some of my own work on this topic to a contact E-mail address.

    • It’s far from meaningless that heating of a few planets in the solar system cannot be attributed to solar activity. We should be looking for answers as to the cause.

      • Dylan…..Can you point to an example where solar activity has been linked to planetary warming or cooling?

      • There is virtually no information on Mars temparures prior to 1970 and after that just two periods to compare which could easily be just seasonal variation. There is no trend to establish an overall warming as has been done on Earth. Plus Mars’ orbit is 5 times more variable. This is the opinion of most climate scientists.

  3. The snow events over the East side of the US are purely an engineered Psy-Op. Ice nucleating, cooling chemtrails over the most populated region to convince dupes that global warming isn’t happening. It’s worked. Just ignore the fact that virtually everywhere else is warming.

    Geoengineering, Record Low Arctic Ice And Catastrophic Drought, What’s The Connection?

    • Climate weapons have failed to produce the warming predicted in the IPCC models, however climate disruption remains alive and well. The recent increase in carbon black aerosol spraying demonstrates a desperation to manufacture ice melts via black body deposits on ice – a method difficult to detect via satellite or local thermometers.

      • I think the evidence points towards success in that matter. The IPCC don’t just come up with models. They have recorded a clear warming trend. The only misinformation/disinformation is what has caused it. It’s not CO2. And it’s not the sun. They have factored that out as well.

      • The IPCC is accused a falsifying a warming trend at surface level without showing an increase at high altitude. Do you think the NASA satellite data showing no warming is wrong?

    • A major mass of cold air afflicting the US this winter was imported from Siberia. Moving the jet streams around can cause cold air to move south while warm air moves north to raise arctic temps. The geo-political world appears to be in lock-step with this type climate engineering. OIl companies and military activity has been gearing for arctic invasion for several years now. Here’s today’s report:

  4. Moving a relatively thin ribbon of air around would not result in shifting massive warm or cold air masses around. The air masses themselves have to be worked on and the jet stream follows suit. The tail does not wag the dog. When the jet stream is disrupted, it’s because the underlying air masses have been manipulated. Bottom up rather than top down. Look at the work of Weatherwar101. It’s the Nexrad radar/Cooling tower networks in combination with warming and cooling chemtrails that heat the West and cool the East. The polar vortex is nothing of the sort.

  5. The tropopause exists at increasingly lower altitudes in northern latitudes. This could effect how arctic temps are rising more rapidly than mid-latitudes.

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