Catherine Austin Fitts: Economic Crash-Up Goes Global 2



Opening Thoughts: 2:01
Driving Across America: 2:49
Black Budget Neighborhood: 8:06
Kill The Messenger Movie: 19:09
Economic Crash-Up 31:06
The Slow Burn is Fraying: 42:26
HUD Hijinks: 52:19
Where Does the Money Go? 58:44
Dangers of Global 3.0: 1:09:08
Strange Patterns in News: 1:22:17
Farrell’s Realization About US: 1:54:32
Mr. Global and Military Adventures:1:57:34

catherine austin FittsJoin Dark Journalist and his special guest, Former Assistant Housing Secretary, Financial Expert and Coast to Coast AM contributor Catherine Austin Fitts, for an exhilarating overview of the hidden forces of the Black Budget at work in the 2015 economic landscape.

Making her fifth appearance on the show, Catherine exposes an emerging economic trend she calls a “Crash-Up” that may be the next move of the financial cabal she refers to as “Mr Global.” After draining most of the money out of the economy with the disastrous housing bubble and the dire crash of 2008, the cabal is ready to make their next move by Crashing Up equity and relentlessly debasing currencies for even more profit!

Catherine, the publisher of The Solari Report, traces the history of worldwide financial manipulation and draws on her personal experience in high-ranking positions on Wall Street and in to expose the global game being played out by a tiny elite of people who dominate the committee to run the world.

She also gives out rare insight and wisdom for finding your economic security while battling the covert forces of mind control, entrainment technology, money harvesting, black budget operations and power centralization.

Spellbinding, informative, startling and provocative, this is the interview you’re going to need to navigate 2015


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