Carbon Black Chemtrails is Owning The Weather in 2025 3

Chemtrails Carbon Black Melt Actic Ice1) This 1974 conceptualized sketch in Fig. 3, of inducing oil-based, carbon black aerosol emissions from an after-burner style jet engine (Fig. 3) is consistent with the current hypothesis that chemtrails are produced by introduction of aerosol compounds into the bypass stage of the more modern, high-bypass turbofan engine. (More)

In 1974, the preferred method to produce the carbon black aerosol trails was to insert a 6-foot section between the afterburner and propulsion nozzle (thrust) where oil would be injected to “provide the conditions necessary to produce carbon black at high yields”. (Page 173).

2) It’s highly significant that Dr. Gray’s 1974 elaborate study – in apparent response to NASA’s 1966 “National Weather Modification” initiative – is based on the advantages of heating the atmosphere with carbon black aerosols on a massive scale but is curiously devoid of any mention of CO2, Global Warming, rising sea levels or fear of climate change – even as the AGW fear-mongering was gaining media traction.

TITLE:   Weather Modification By Carbon Dust Absorption of Solar Energy by Dr. W M Gray – 1974 (PDF)

youtube-icon-square-66Video shows several carbon black chemtrail tankers in bold sorties with no concern about being noticed.  (More)

♦ Occupational Safety and Health Guideline For Carbon Black Potential Human Carcinogen

Weather modification by carbon dust absorption by Bill Gray 1974Tropical Meteorology Hurricane Forecasts

When you have control over the timing, intensity and direction of a tropical cyclone the Hurricane Season becomes a lot easier to forecast.

Dr. Bill Gray University of ColoradoAndrew, Katrina and Sandy were unusual and powerful hurricanes.

1974 BIO:  William M. Gray, is professor of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University. He has been on the Colorado State University Faculty since 1961. He received a B.A. from George Washington University in 1952 and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Chicago in 1959 and 1964. He has been engaged in observational meteorological research for 17 years. He was a weather forecaster in the U.S. Air Force from 1953 to 1957. His research interests have been directed to studies of cumulus convection, cumulus broader-scale flow interaction, tropical storms, tornadoes, cloud clusters and tropical meteorology in general.

Andrew, Katrina and Sandy were unusual and powerful hurricanes.joe-golden-DHS Operation HAMP Header

Under leadership of former NOAA head, Joe Golden, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was funded to investigate the effectiveness of aerosol mitigation and intensification of hurricanes in a 2009 study: H.A.M.P. – aka “Hurricane Aerosols Microphysics Program”.

One aspect of the HAMP study found that carbon black aerosol dumps were very effective at hurricane intensification. In a recorded audio presentation Golden came very close to suggesting black carbon aerosols were actually deployed in order to modify the intensity of Hurricane Katrina. (Article and Joe Golden video)

But the carbon black aerosol manipulation of earth’s climate discussed by Golden in 2009 was actually published by Dr. Bill Gray at U. Colorado in the 1970’s as an application as a publicly disclosed program of mesoscale climate modification as outlined in the abstract below.

Whereas Dr. Gray’s hypothesis could be regarded as a more benevolent solution to growing population needs the black carbon concept was hijacked by the military and finally made public in a document called “Owning The weather in 2025”  revealed as a source of weather weaponization and global dominance. The issue seeing the military hijack the NASA weather mod program was address by the Federation of American Scientists in 1986: “The Evolution of a Weather Modification R&D program Into a Military Weapons System”. (PDF)

Disturbing revelations in Dr. Gray’s study include using carbon black jet trails to:

  • Deliberately intensify and steer hurricanes with implications to water resources, engineered floods and drought as a weather weapon under military control. (Pg 21)
  • Deliberately melt ice with implications of engineered arctic melts under military control (Pg 21)

“By warming the boundary layer air under proper conditions it should be possible to accelerate the spring melt of the snowpack, thereby increasing the growing season. The high albedo of the snow surface would cause a strong upward diffuse solar radiation flux and thus increase the efficiency of the carbon absorption. Absorption would take place from both the upward and downward fluxes. In addition, the carbon particles should have a relatively long boundary layer residence time due to the strong inversion which should permit multiple day use of the carbon.” (Pg 21)

a. Carbon black
b. Radiation characteristics of carbon black
c. Characteristics of the carbon cloud
d. Alteration of extra-tropical cyclones (intensification and steering)
e. Fog dissipation
f.  Accelerating snowmelt in agricultural regions
g. Particle size distribution in the vertical
h. Atmospheric residue time
i.  Major findings

a. Carbon black   asari afmospheticheat”s6utce
The characteristic of carbon black which makes it attractive as an atmospheric heat source is the extraordinarily large amount of solar radiation per unit mass of carbon which can be absorbed and hence transmitted to the air.

It is important to realize the amount of air temperature increase which is possible using carbon black.

USAF-Owning-the-Weather-in-2025 Owning the weather in 2025On page 13, the Air Force Document: Owning The weather in 2025 begins to discuss Dr. Gray’s 1974 hypothesis for using carbon black in various modes of weather weaponization, control and military dominance.

Is it still a coincidence that the U. Colorado is close to the US Air Force Academy where the pilot training chemistry textbook is titled “Chemtrails” by the Department of Defense? (More)

Welcome to AIR FORCE 2025:  More publications on future study conducted 1995-1996 for the Air Force Chief of Staff

The AMS abstract is a clue to Monsanto agenda, food supply, energy and weaponized weather futures commodity market.
Abstract: (AMS)

Growing global population pressures and predicted future food and energy shortages dictate that man fully explore his potential use of solar energy. This paper investigates the possibility of beneficial weather modification through artificial solar energy absorption. A variety of physical ideas related to artificial heat sources on different scales of motion are considered. Interest is concentrated on the feasibility of mesoscale (∼100–300 km) weather modification through solar energy absorption by carbon aerosol particles of size ∼0.1 μm or less. Particles of this size maximize solar energy absorption per unit mass.

It is hypothesized that significant beneficial influences can be derived through judicious exploitation of the solar absorption potential of carbon black dust. There is an especially high potential for this in the boundary layer over tropical oceans and in the formation of cirrus clouds and the consequent alteration of the tropospheric IR energy budget. If dispersed in sizes ≤0.1 μm, solar energy absorption amounts as high as ∼2 × 1010 cal lb−1 per 10 h or about 4 × 1011 cal per dollar per 10 h can be obtained. This is a tremendously powerful heat source, especially if it stimulates additional radiation energy gains from extra cloud formation and/or enhanced surface evaporation. Preliminary observational and modeling information indicates that this artificial heat source can be employed on the mesoscale (∼100–300 km) to achieve significant economic gains by means of precipitation enhancement and tropical storm destruction alleviation. It may also be possible to use carbon dust to enhance precipitation over interior land areas, alter extratropical cyclones, inhibit high daytime summer temperatures and severe weather, prevent frosts, and speed up springtime snowmelt in agriculturally marginal regions.

A discussion of this physical hypothesis from the meteorological, radiational, engineering and ecological points of view is made.

Received: June 19, 1975; Final Form: December 22, 1975

Dr. Gray’s Complete 1974 Study (PDF): Weather-modification by Carbon Dust Absorption of Solar Energy


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