Chemtrails Are Coal Ash – Really? 13

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Koch-Brothers-Chemtrails Brothers-c

youtube-icon-square-66“Chemtrails Are Coal Ash” – A controversial theory proposed by the anonymous Youtuber –  “THE HAARP REPORT”.

Progressives and orthodox liberals love to bash the Koch brothers as the evil-doers of Industry and political manipulation.

Just this week the Kochs were named in a Florida scandal involving Governor Rick Scott and former Governor, Jeb Bush having to do with an illegal pipeline that’s been dumping tons or toxins into the  St. Johns River for years. (Daily Kos)

No doubt the Kochs deserve the evil-doer reputation but focusing ONLY on their deeds is a distraction to the vastness of criminal involvement in the Climate Industrial Complex – including the IPCC, itself.

The most important book in a decade was authored by Dr. Tim Ball in 2014: “The deliberate Corruption of Climate Science” exposes the IPCC as nothing less than a criminal cabal where science is for sale to support a political agenda.

Why Anonymous Whistleblowers Can Be a Risky Source of Deception, Misdirection and Coverup

What is a Limited Hangout?:   A limited hangout is a propaganda technique that involves the incomplete release of previously hidden information in order to prevent a greater exposure of more important details that could cause a disabling scandal.  It takes the form of deception, misdirection, or coverup often associated with intelligence agencies involving a release or “mea culpa” type of confession of only part of a set of previously hidden sensitive information. (WIKI)  An example of a  limited hangout could be a criminal who confesses to a lesser crime of kidnapping in order to avoid a death penalty for murder. ie: Could be viewed as a form of “plea bargain” or “witness protection”.

Chemtrails Are Coal Ash – Really?

A theory from anonymous Youtuber – The HAARP Report (THR) – has gone viral on the assertion that Chemtrails are nothing more than “Coal Ash”, hauled away from coal plants by trains to be formulated into a slurry before being transported to a secret airport to be loaded on jet aircraft as an aerosol spray commonly referred to as “Chemtrails”. (Video Direct Link)

THR is the same anonymous source who reported in December, 2014 that a secret Chemtrails whistleblower pilot predicted “invisible” chemtrails would be sprayed after January 20, 2015. The alleged pilot is quoted:

 “A very new “extremely toxic” chemtrail mix, is going to be sprayed using new technology that makes these special chemtrails, completely invisible.”

dane-wigington-mugThis story (minus the invisible chemtrails issue) was weakly embraced by Dane Wigington at Geoeongineering Watch probably because both sources lack essential credibility when one anonymous source is seen vouching for the credibility of a second and possibly third anonymous source.

Interestingly, Wigington’s Hazmat signpost at Geoengineering Watch does not include the startling news of the planned release of dangerous radiation from “invisible chemtrails” under OPERATION INDIGO, Phase II.   We can only guess that Wigington missed the mention of “invisible chemtrails” or had his own reasons for not commenting.

In any case, Wigington only responded to the written transcript that did not contain mention of “invisible chemtrails – The video where THR is heard reading it aloud and where the matching transcript is contained in the description box is not posted at Geoengineering Watch.

“I have no way of confirming in either case. This being said, the dots do connect with what I believe these pilots are being told.”

Plans For Invisible Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG) is a Fact:

The following quote is found on page 14 In a paper co-authored by Edward Teller for presentation to the 22nd International Seminar on Planetary Emergencies – Erice (Sicily), Italy on August 20-23, 1997,  This explanation makes it clear that planners are concerned about the “perception” or “aesthetics” of the environmental impact resulting from Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG)  even if the sub-micron aluminum oxide particles are dangerously toxic.

“It’s also worth noting-in-passing that the resonant transitions chosen to be intercalation-broadened – or those glassed-in dyes chosen to absorb-&-fluoresce – likely could be selected to lie exclusively in the near-UV or – IR portions of the solar spectral radiance on the Earth’s atmosphere, so that the resulting ‘spectral notching’ of sunlight as seen at or near the Earth’s surface would be invisible to people,just as the near-IR solar spectral notchings due to absorption by atmospheric H2O already are. The as-perceived ‘‘environmental impact’’ of such spectrally-notched insolation subtraction would thereby be essentially zero.”

A broader discussion of Edward Teller’s involvement in planetary geoengineering to stabilize temperatures in the event of both, Global Warming and Global Cooling are continued at the end of this article.

Steve Funk  posted the THR video with comments on the Metabunk site.

Some problems with this idea: He claims the percentage of aluminum oxide is about 30%. Wikipedia puts it at 5 to 35%. This would leave a lot of extraneous material to process out ahead of time or carry as dead weight. The percentage of al2o3 in fly ash is not that much higher than in the earth’s crust to begin with. Rocks on Mount Shasta contain about 15% al2o3.  The main ingredient in fly ash is silicon dioxide, which is normally in the form of sand. This would probably fall out of the atmosphere almost immediately. The narrator recommends using using this material in the form of a water slurry. However, fly ash is used as a substitute for Portland Cement. It is a binder. (Wikipedia uses the word Pozzolanic). It would quickly coagulate and fall to earth. And carrying large amounts of water as a mixer would create an additional drastic reduction in the available payload of Welsbach materials.”

Without denying that chemtrails “exist”, Mick West responded:

“It’s a nonsensical idea, almost reads like a hoax, or some kind of misguided attempt to indirectly get chemtrail enthusiasts to focus on coal power plants. It’s such a stream of things that are wrong that it’s hard to know where to start – or even if it’s worth addressing at all”

Not many of us could totally disagree with the Metabunkers on this one.

On Feb 2nd, the host (Cori) of Facebook Group: Uniting For Our Planet – Redding, CA warned:

“Members – there is a new video out from The HAARP Report, titled “Chemtrails are COAL ASH.” Until the background sources on it are disclosed, I do not want it posted.

“We all want to find the source of the materials and operations serving the geoengineering aerosols, but this piece (video) is reckless in my opinion. He needs to show proof this is the smoking gun.  As of 1PM MST 2/2/15, he has still not answered my questions.”

So which is it, THR?  Is the sky filled with sand and coal ash or is it those invisible, toxic chemtrails?

Chemtrails Tanker Black Invisible Chemtrails

Without saying why – THR boldly asserts:

“Such a huge amount of chemtrails are sprayed every day that there is no other source for these nano metal oxides except coal ash”.

THR provides no evidence for this overreaching conclusion. He claims the final chemtrails mix is a “slurry” of water and coal ash loaded aboard commercial aircraft.  But a water-based slurry is a heavy concoction that defies being loaded aboard an aircraft already laden with the weight of passengers and cargo.

More importantly, a water-based slurry would be extremely vulnerable to freezing solid in the extreme cold of altitudes above 28,000 ft.

Instead – what skilled observers repeatedly document are dry aerosols deployed from nozzles outside the aircraft or from within the bypass stage of the high bypass turbofan engine as in this VIDEO  and this VIDEO.

It’s unreasonable to assert that a slurry – weighing more per gallon than jet fuel and susceptible to a hard freeze – would be routinely loaded aboard a commercial jet even if the aircraft was not already carrying passengers and cargo.

Let’s be clear. An alleged individual who volunteers unverifiable information as an anonymous source is NOT a true whistleblower.  Instead such anonymous pronouncements rightly fall to the bottom category as “internet rumor”.

In this case we have not one – but two anonymous sources vouching for each other – both unwilling to come out of the closet into the light of day on matters of planetary life-and-death.

If the reports of coal plant involvement  and dangerous, radioactive chemtrails are so ominous and life-threatening, these messengers should be more than willing to come forward to speak out in the light of day –  even considering the risk to personal safety.

This one-size-fits-all – Chemtrails Are Coal Ash – theory, presented with only colorful graphics (PDF) as evidence, fails to provide sufficient documentation to support such a sweeping assertion – even before considering the “invisible chemtrail” warning from an alleged, secret chemtrails pilot.

Despite solid evidence to refute the allegation, THR claims that a DOE whistleblower by the name of “Jim Phelps” is the “Father of Chemtrails”.  In 2005 the alleged “Jim Phelps” says he envisioned the chemtrails concept in the 1980’s.

Government documents verify that the term “chemtrails” is an invention of the US Air Force Academy and the DoD as the title to a 1990 pilot training manual –  a fact Phelps never refers to in his claim to having discovered the idea for chemtrails. (Source)

Although the name “Jim Phelps” (Peter Graves) is associated with the star of a famous TV series “Mission Impossible,  Phelp’s biography and email address appear posted on the website – DOEWATCH.COM

Phelp’s lengthy and rambling bio page gives an initial thumbnail background on his electrical engineering degrees earned at University of Tennessee, then rapidly departs on a journey through his family history – at times referring to himself in a curious third-person narrative that drifts into a world of Jewish heritage, religion and associated mysticism.

Phelps claims he only invented “the idea” for making Chemtrails

“I also discovered the ideas for making “Chemtrails” or “Air Pharmacology” to treat the global warming and health effects. My initial idea was to use Aluminum to seed clouds that were dispersed by jet plane fuel burning.”

In another passage Phelps talks about how chemtrails “pertain to religion’s hidden knowledge.”

Importantly – Although The HAARP Report claims “Chemtrails Are Coal Ash”, not even Phelps has published anything that agrees with this theory. Phelps’s concept for “chemtrails” envisioned a jet fuel additive – not a slurry of coal ash.

Phelps published an essay [one short and another longer version] on his work and findings.  Both versions below have been rendered to PDF format for readability and ease of printing:

Another article published in 2003: Fluoride’s Insideous Deadly Effects (PDF)

Any claim that Jim Phelps is the “Father of Chemtrails” is totally eclipsed by Edward Teller’s enormous body of work on climate engineering.


GLOBAL WARMING AND ICE AGES:  Prospects For Physics-Based Modulation Of Global Change

It’s obvious that Teller was not only planning for global warming mitigation but for the equally probable case that the Earth was transitioning into a NEW ICE AGE.

“While the magnitude of the climatic impact of “greenhouse gases” is currently uncertain, the prospect of severe failure of the climate, for instance at the onset of the next Ice Age, is undeniable.

“The proposals in this paper may lead to quite practical methods to reduce or eliminate all climate failures.”

David keith mug-fAt the 2010 AAAS meeting, Geoengineer, David Keith proposed (stole) Teller’s idea (without crediting him) of using alumina as an alternative to deployment of stratospheric sulfur oxides: (Video)

A quote from Teller’s “Global Warming and Ice Ages”, Page 10

“It has also been suggested that alumina injected into the stratosphere by the exhaust of solid-rocket motors might scatter non-negligible amounts of sunlight.  We expect that introduction of scattering-optimized alumina particles into the stratosphere may well be overall competitive with use of sulfur oxides;31 alumina particles offer a distinctly different environmental impact profile”.

Note that Teller’s suggested use of solid rocket engines reveals these alumina aerosols are intended for deployment in the high regions of the stratosphere where current passenger aircraft cannot fly.  David Keith also defined 20 Km as the effective level of aerosol deployment in his inverview with Stephen Colbert.  VIDEO

 ____________________ Chemtrails Photos


  1. Thank you Harold for setting the record straight and doing the terrific research necessary to discredit the moles that are trying to catch us in one of their schemes.
    We already know that leftist, George Soros, who is a self-proclaimed communist and who has advocated openly for the collapse of America and it’s free enterprise economy, is financing Chemtrailing while investing in the derivative markets in both weather and crops on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange [Obama’s home town].
    And in addition, is behind the cheap purchase of mid-western farm lands being sold off due to drought and aluminum laden soil. This arch enemy of America and all her citizens is one of the biggest financiers of democratic candidates, including Hillary Clinton, and along with the Rockefeller’s, accounts for most of the financing of literally thousands of political groups that are used to carry out every aspect of their progressive socialist anti-American objectives. These include Occupy Wall Street, Planned Parenthood, Acorn. SEIU, Common Core, Agenda 21 and Resilient Community Programs right in your own home town gov’t – go check it out – it’s true.
    They are pumping these organizations up before they ‘pull the plug’ and collapse the system. Oh, I almost forgot, chemtrailing too!
    So it’s should come as no surprise that they would create a mis-direction play to blame what they are doing on the republicans largest donors.
    But don’t buy it. It is a game that both sides are playing on us. Both sides are aware that chemtrailing is being run by both democrats and republicans and if you allow yourself to defend either side using your party affiliation they have won the game. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!!!!!

    • Soros is not a communist; doesn’t advocate communism or socialism. He’s a capitalist. He advocates capitalism; a system of government based on capital; i.e, profits. In fact, he was the person that enacted the Shock Doctrine and was involved in destroying the former Soviet Union and the Eastern Socialist Block nations on behalf of JP Morgan. Soros also didn’t fund Occupy Wall Street. What he did was get agents from the Open Society to infiltrate Occupy and destroy it from within. I know because I witnessed this personally and even warned many of the Occupy members. Unfortunately, most of the Occupy members though well-meaning were naive. You can’t love soldiers or tanks, the enemy will just gun you down. The wealthy will never let us vote their wealth away. They can just hire 1/2 the working class to kill the other 1/2 while they’re sipping their coffee in Lake Geneva. Whether he funds the other organizations you mention or the co-opted, agent-infested CP(communist party USA I don’t know. I can just say he’s one of the most evil man in history.

      • None of the occupy groups were protesting the 9/11 inside job. This is the litmus test for “Controlled opposition” as a Soros operation. Open Society is an international grantmaking network founded by George Soros. His shills infiltrated and organized occupy from the start.

        Also, Soros is a Federal Reservist…not a “capitalist”. He became a billionaire based on an illegal monetary system.

  2. Great comment…….The political agenda behind the HAARP REPORT craziness is way too obvious. But the story has legs despite zero credibility because it provides orthodox liberal ammunition to fire at the so-called “right” as the presidential campaign comes into nauseating 24/7 media coverage….. However, I keep looking for an up-side to the opportunity for mass awakening – even if the premise is a hoax. Maybe we can turn it around.

  3. Ii’s my understanding that it is not just coal ash…if anyone would have completely read the article or even watched the Vid…the u would have noted that all the chemicals that have been found in the chemtrails, are in the coal ash …so it’s not so far fetched as you might suggest …it’s my belief that the possibilities are definitely there

    • I agree we should take another look at coal ash since Dr. Herndon has aslo proposed coal ash as the cause. The problem came when the anonymous poster – The HAARP report — insisted that Coal ash was loaded on the aircraft as a water-based “slurry”. – an impossible idea.

      HAARP Report has since retracted this theory and says the formula is “anhydrous”. — Dr. Herndon recently proposed Coal ash but with far more credibility than hiding behind anonymity. Herndon tells me he has no connection to the HAARP report.

  4. Foster…The anonymous youtuber – THR – is asserting an impossible and deeply unsupported theory. If you watch his/her video again and read my article (again) you may be persuaded to agree with many experienced activists and authors on the topic – including Rosalind Peterson – that the coal ash theory is unsupported nonsense. — It’s easy for an anonymous source to pretend to know things and assert nonsense without having to pay the price of social outcast.

    But for this reason THR and his/her fans cannot claim that exposing this hoax is an attempt of character assassination since he/she prefers to hide their real identity in a closet – a tactic that approximates the behavior of a TROLL.

  5. I agree with Foster. We cannot rule out the possibility that some form of coal ash may be reprocessed into the aerosol sprays. It definately should be investigated. What a perfect way to get rid of yet another form of industrial waste- for free- or even profit from it! The mistake was in the phrasing of the title. It should simply have been posed as a question: Are Chemtrails Coal Ash?

      • I agree we should take another look at coal ash since Dr. Herndon has aslo proposed coal ash as the cause. The problem came when the anonymous poster – The HAARP report — insisted that Coal ash was loaded on the aircraft as a water-based “slurry”. – an impossible idea.

        HAARP Report has since retracted this theory and says the formula is “anhydrous”. — Dr. Herndon recently proposed Coal ash but with far more credibility than hiding behind anonymity. Herndon tells me he has no connection to the HAARP report.

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