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NOTE: On 1/2/2015 it was Noah Pozner Sandy Hook mugreported that Sandy Hook victim, Noah Pozner apparently survived the Newtown school shooting only to die in another school shooting in Pakistan. (More)

youtube-icon-square-66Infowars video coverage exposes Sandy Hook Noah Pozner lie.  (More)


New Book:  Making a Killing: The Unofficial Story of the Sandy Hook Massacre

Free Online Version at Website:   SANDYHOOKJUSTICE.COM

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Wolfgang Halbig Sandy Hook headerOn the morning of December 14, 2012 the shocking news of an active shooter situation at an elementary school in the town of Sandy Hook, Connecticut reached the rest of the nation. The depressing news, the very inkling of which seemed too horrible to even imagine, would not be the only surprise for waiting eyes that morning. All the information following in the harrowing wake of one of the largest school shootings in the nation’s history seemed to be, for a time, inconsequential but it wouldn’t be long until the sharks would smell the proverbial bait in the water and begin to circle. Not just a month after this tragedy happened there were lobbyists and law makers chomping at the bit to pass sweeping legislation and add new preventative measures without even knowing what might have precipitated such a deranged set of actions as the ones the killer is proposed to have carried out that morning.

Without properly understanding the event itself, logically there can be no clear understanding of its causational factors either. With the alleged perpetrator dead there would be no trial and no cross examination of the facts as they were presented. The reports were pouring out of the sleepy suburb of Sandy Hook.

Dennis and Sabrina Phillips combed through story after story trying to find out just what exactly happened that fateful day at Sandy Hook Elementary school and, most importantly, why did it happen?Just who exactly was Adam Lanza and what precipitated the events of that day? Could there ever be a motive for something like this?

The Phillips team took on the unanswered questions looming over the case only to venture down an even deeper rabbit hole complete with all the page turning qualities of a spy thriller. With nearly 15 months of research and an unbiased investigation, the book is full of new and shocking discoveries that is sure to captivate skeptics and believers alike. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Sandy Hook school shooting is presented in ‘Making a Killing: The Unofficial Story of the Sandy Hook Massacre.’


  1. America’s gov’t is built on three equal branches of gov’t. The Executive branch headed by the President, the Legislative branch headed by Congress and the Judicial branch headed by The Supreme Court. Our founding fathers knew these three branches of gov’t over time would find themselves riddled with corruption and graft and that the moral path America should be on would be lost. Our founders knew we needed something else. Something that would keep in check the forces of evil that are inherent in man and guide our nation like a moral compass and hold us upright with our shoulders square and our head held high like a gyroscope from within her sole that no man nor group of men could ever knock her off course. Our founders found that gyroscope , that moral compass in a concept known as ‘a free press’.
    Today our nation is under attack from within the halls of gov’t and from within her citizenship. This anti-American progressivism – the progress movement – is eating her alive. The advantage this progress movement has is that they captured our nations ‘free press’ years ago and installed their own agenda to overtake America and ‘change’ her into something she is not. No longer do we have a free press. Without the light of truth that freely pokes it’s head into every nook and cranny to cleanse the sole of America she will die. Evil forces have overtaken OUR free press, and unless we expose those forces, battle tooth and nail those forces and kill those forces, we have lost our Nation to the enemy.
    As the communist leader, Nikita Khrushchev, said many years ago, ” Communism will beat you without firing a shot. We will build our forces within your gov’t, your schools. your society until we take over America and you will become like us – a communist country.”
    Progressivism – the progressive movement – is communism – slow moving communism. [Don’t get liberal mixed up with progressive] So who are the progressives in America? Well here’s a short list:
    Our President – Barack H. Obama and his entire administration
    Democrats elected to office 98% of the time
    Republicans elected to office 60 % of the time
    All who work for NBC
    All who work for MSNBC
    All who work for ABC
    All who work for CBS
    All who work for CNN
    All who work for PBS
    All who work for The Weather Channel
    All who work for The New York Times
    All who work for The Washington Post
    All who work for The Rockefeller Foundations
    All who work for George Soros Foundations
    All who work for Rothschild Foundations
    Most who work for Google
    Most who work for Microsoft
    Most who work for GE
    Most who work for Monsanto
    Most who work for NASA
    Most who work for NWS
    Most who work for Bill Gates
    Most who work for Warren Buffet
    Most who live / work in New York City
    Most who live / work in California
    Most who live / work in Seattle
    Most who live / work in Chicago
    Most who live / work in Detroit
    Most who belong to SEIU
    Most who belong to AFL/CIO
    Most who belong to Teachers Unions
    Most who work in OUR Public School System and teach OUR children their ‘Progressive ways’

    There are many others including your next door neighbor!!!

    Unless we stand up against progressives, their ways and their anti-American teachings and rip them out by their short hairs we only have ourselves to blame.

  2. Here’s one more thing to think about. Since the event, the school was razed, torn down, and all the evidence was destroyed and hauled to a dump. Now they just announced that they are going to do the same thing to the private residence where supposedly the killers mom was shot to death. Apparently the hoaxers are so scared of what may be found by ‘others’ who are investigating that in an unprecedented move they are going to raze this house too to destroy what ever they don’t want someone to discover – that there was no shooting within this home – it’s all a hoax. It makes me sick to my stomach that there isn’t a way to stop this criminal behavior on the part of the local, state and federal gov’t. that are works together to pull this hoax off. Please excuse me, I have to go puke.

  3. It is impossible to find a free download for this book by Sabrins Phillips. I first went to Bing and found a site called Playster supposedly has the book. I get a free trial and was required to give a credit card number for when my free trial ends and $9.95 is charged. Fine. So I go browsing for the book. Nothing. Fine. I cancel my free trial and further use then and there. I downloaded what I thought was the book from another page saying I will get a free pdf version. WRONG!!! I go to read the download and here it is just a list of observations on the day and it gives a vague “To download give us a mention”, or something like that. So I go to and first see where there is a listing saying the UK version of Amazon has it. When I get there that download is only for UK customers. I then go to and find that the only version you can get there is $9.99. Well, I want to read this and pay the $9.99. I get on my Kindle to read it and there are pages BLACKED OUT! I am totally pissed! It’s not my Kindle app because everything else reads fine. What the Hell? I will give a review to Amazon that I want to read the book I paid for and want the blacked out pages put back in!

  4. Well, we got the missing pages restored so no problem there now. However, if anyone knows if there is a free download still available for this book, please let the readers here know. Still, I like having the book on my kindle and I know I am helping an author by purchasing her book.

  5. Sorry to hog up the comments, but I agree 100% with what chembro2 says. This whole farce has bothered me since the day it happened. I remember being so angry with CNN for constantly running the same footage over and over, then it hit me that I was just looking at people picking up their kids. There were no screaming kids, no hysterical crying kids like at Columbine. This looked to me like a bunch of privileged parents picking up their kids at school. Nothing gave me the thought that they had just seen their classmates blown apart by a gunman. I will never for get that young lady shaking and saying “So many people…so many people…” at Columbine. I do not believe she was acting as her reaction seemed very real. These people at Sandy Hook looked like Stepford families!

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