IPCC Exposed As Elitist Crime Syndicate of Payoffs and Extortion 2

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POSTED 9/23/2013:  In 2013, the IPCC released its assessment of the state of climate science that was more dire than their 2007 assessment.

Draconian claims asserted that Global warming is “unequivocal” and humans are the “dominant cause” to a certainty of 95%.

Gore Chemtrails is Conspiracy Theory GW is RealBut how are these uncertainties calculated? And how does the IPCC process work anyway?

James Corbett at The Corbett Report dissected the IPCC hype to examine the criminal behavior and conclusions that betray the scientific method.

A recent book by Climatologist, Tim Ball goes further to reveal the criminal intent behind what he calls in his book:

“The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science”

Read this article


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