Evidence of Staged Event in Paris Charlie Hebdo Shooting 15

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Obviously staged event with place-marks painted on the roadway

Jim Stone report – Charlie Hebdo Shooting Hoax

Paris Shooting Staged eventJIM STONE – Complete Story

1/8/2015 – Kevin Barrett and Jim Fetzer


youtube-icon-square-66Terrorists allegedly shoot officer in Paris during attack at Charlie Hebdo

Report From Corpse Media: (Telegraph)

In this video the terrorists allegedly kill one of the a police officer who was on the scene during the attack but close examination reveals significant evidence this was a staged event. (More at Live Leak)

  • Where is the Blood?.

  • Where is the Recoil?

  • Where is the Body Movement?

It’s unreasonable that not one drop of blood is visible following the severe head and leg trauma that would typically result from being shot with 7.62 x 39mm rounds from an AK-47 .

Ak-47 Ammo

Rifle AK-47


  1. I guess there will be no pictures of the inside of the building for damage or blood, no pictures of the dead being loaded to the ambulances, no autopsy reports or pictures. What will they do for funerals???? all will be private????

  2. The wound location of the first shot is indicated by the victims right hand – it clutches his upper right thigh on the outside of his hip bone. This wound, if real, would have had him screaming in horrific pain and it would have bled IMMEDIATELY. His pants, where shot, within seconds would have turned dark with red blood soaking the fabric. The shot to the head is obviously a blank. You can see the air pressure blast wave knock the dust up off the sidewalk. If this was a real bullet you would see the same thing happen to the skin, skull and brain matter.
    This is a crisis actor who never got shot. There are no wounds, no blood, no tissue splatter. no recoil, no natural and immediate limpness which occurs when someone is shot in the brain with an AK47. If you haven’t been in combat and seen this firsthand to know that this is fake, I suggest you search for real terrorist killings in videos online that show what direct gun shots to the head and body really look like.
    It’s disgraceful that our Gov’ts are trying to hoax us into believing that these incidences are real. All of us must go to these scenes and take pictures and video of these fake scenes and collect evidence before they clean and sanitize the truth. If you get there too late then document them cleaning or what’s left. From this video, you can tell where the videographer took the shot from – identify the apartment and go interview the residents who live there. Does their story check out or are they a crisis actor too?
    Foolish me, I thought it was only in America where these false flag incidences were occurring – now this is proof they [the global elite] are working these staged events all over the world.
    NOTE: All these events are happening in gun free zones. Zones where only the ‘authorities’ have the guns and their crisis actors but not the general public. They can’t afford to have an armed citizen pull a real fire arm and knock off one of their actors from the stage!!!

    • It is more of a disgrace that our News Media will not discuss this even to try and debunk it.

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  4. Hi!
    I understand the idea of a false flag operation. In this case to blame Muslims for the attack on Charlie Hebdo to create an excuse for attacking Muslims in France and elsewhere. But how on Earth could the killings be fake? In that case all the people present or supposedly present in the offices would have to be in on it. They would need to get new identities and serious plastic surgery and no longer have contact with anyone who is not part of the scheme. That sounds kind of far fetched to me. The same goes for Sandy Hook etc.

    • People can pretend to die and be buried. You only need to look at the Sandy Hook Hoax to see how massive cooperation from government sources of criminal intent (includig Obama and eric Holder) can cause a lie to appear as fact. Media assistance in the lie is crucial to fool most of the public, most of the time with disinfo.

      In the case of “Charlie”, we cannot say that nobody died, however we can say the evidence for sparking the event was based on a black operation from outside France that has little to do with initiation by Muslim sources. Instead we see Israeli and even US influence everywhere.

      Israel’s terrorist policies are getting more desperate as France and other countries are voting to grant statehood to Palestine/Gaza.

      Every country to support this vote for statehood has been met with Israeli terrorism and missing/crashed airplanes.

      WWIII has begun.

      I fear for the innocent Jews in Israel as repraisals against the Netenyahu fascist, terrorist regime are in preparation and could result in massive death and destruction in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

      The world is waking up to what Israel has been doing in cooperation with the US. This awakening is now causing Obama and others to back away from Netenyahu as damage control as payback by 3rd parties is put in place to neutralize the Mossad and the Israeli terrorist network.

      • Where are all the funerals? Will the news media show them? I know how could there be any funerals with all these distractions? I think it will be forgotten as all the deceased are relocated with some euros.

  5. The funerals are being held in Israel where I can imagine most these people have retired to. I also suspect that they use multiple methods of creating victims, some based on real people in Paris who will create a new identity.. some that were never in Paris (like how Noah Ponzer died in both Sandy Hook AND Pakistan) and some may already be dead – who knows, they may have all died in a bus accident recently but there are many ways it can be pulled off.

  6. Now here this. The lead French investigator, who was battling others that wanted to take the investigation out of his hands, has been assassinated in his office at the police department where he worked. Of course the official story is that he committed suicide. Under French law if a death is declared a suicide, the next of kin may attend the autopsy. So the next of kin has requested and the French government has denied them their legal right to attend and have refused to give them an explanation. Gosh, I guess you don’t have to go to Denmark to find something rotten!

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