Airtran Airways Documented Chemtrail Spraying Over North Florida 25

Documented Aircraft Deployment of Chemical Aerosols Over Florida


AIRTRAN Boeing 717-200

AirTran Airways is wholly-owned subsidiary of Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV), has been ranked the number one low cost carrier in the Airline Quality Rating study for the past three years.

AirTran Airways offers coast-to-coast service on North America’s newest all-Boeing fleet.

Shame on Southwest Airlines for allowing subsidiary, Airtran Airwways, to enter into a secret contract to spray pollution into our skies.

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On Oct 18, I recorded and tracked the progress of Airtran Flt TRS9100 as it sprayed aerosols on a heading of 180 deg (south) before making a U-turn over Gainesville to head north to Atlanta.

It was an easy task to identify Airtran TRS9100 since it was the only aircraft on FlightAware radar that matched the unusual flight path.

On the distance line (above) notice JAX to ATL is 280 SM (statute miles). The flight plan was filed for a route that covered 326 SM. While airborne the flight plan was changed to deviate south to spray aerosols for a total distance of 631 SM from JAX to ATL. Who paid the expenses and how?

Considering the extra fuel, engine time, crew and other expenses – how much is Airtran paid – and by whom –  in a secret contract to spray chemical aerosols over North Florida?

Are there any IRS consequences if the income is not reported?

Realtive Humidity at Flight Level (37,000 ft/11,200 meters) less than 20% at 3 reporting stations. This measured data is hard evidence that formation of persistent contrails of water vapor – as defined by NASA  – was not possible.

We confidently conclude that these persistent jet trails are chemical aerosols of undetermined toxicity, sprayed over populations of citizens, wildlife, crops and  water sheds without due process and without knowledge or consent.

JAX Weathersonde Relative Humidity

TLH Weathersonde Relative Humidity

Peachtree GA Weathersonde Relative Humidity


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  3. Nice documentation. I’m still working on my end in SW Florida. Yesterday was a heavy aerosol spraying day, and I won’t be out on the Golf course under that toxic chemical soup on days like that. Today looks a lot better. I did go to Representative Connie Mack’s office yesterday and took them outside to show them the Geo Engineering chemicals being sprayed.

  4. Look for my article on Evergreen Air. It links to this patent where “weather modification” is mentioned as a capability. Perhaps NOT what most people would call a smoking gun but far from not being evidence to ignore. The history of Evergreen IS THE SMOKING GUN.

  5. Here’s the smoking gun, a world renowned nuclear physicist uses his laser pointer to show you what geo engineering cloud seeding looks in the sky.

    Dr. Jasper Kirkby Explains Prior and Ongoing Atmospheric Geo Engineering by Jet Airplanes

  6. Permanent cloud-seeding gets green light
    Friday October 19, 2012 – 12:35 EDT

    “The Government announced last month that cloud seeding trials had proved successful and that it would seek to make the process permanent.”

    So the government of Australia admitted it has been dumping chemicals on top Australian peoples heads and under their noses without their permission.

    What are the names of the chemicals the Australian Government has already been poisoning Australians with, in their aerial spraying operations?

  7. My brothers don’t go out on the golf curse much any more, spending their money, because they don’t want to be outside all day under that toxic soup.

    Jet contrail chemicals, JCCs, make what would be an enjoyable day, a sickening day, and their scores are lower because of the poison raining down on them from the sky.

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  9. It’s no secret that Airtran/Southwest does maintenance at Cecil field. But you go out of your way to deliberately miss the point that FLT 9100 deviated from a flight plan to fly South to spray Alachua County with aerosols of unknown toxicity. Are you suggesting B-717 aerosol delivery system was being tested? I have compelling evidence for atmospheric pollution and you have wild speculation with no understanding of contrail physics…. Thanks for the LOL.

  10. Harold,
    I got up this morning and the sky was like a checkerboard with Chemtrails. This is the worst case I personally have seen during our 2+yrs of living here in Columbia Co.
    I am furious .

    I am hoping you got some video of this horizon to horizon assault. I would like to support your chapter and help in any small way I can.
    Have known of this practice for some yrs, but had no idea it was escalating so badly to what i saw this morning.

    I can check back here for a reply or you can feel free to email me at the email address through Worldpress

    Thank you,

    • Yes, I did see huge aerosol attack in Gainesville when I went outside at 9 AM. I do have the video of this event. I also looked at the MODIS satellite image for yesterday and it confirms what I photographed from the ground. Thanks…I’ll keep in touch. I assume you are near Lake City?


  11. Great job in finding this discovery. We in Australia are continually being sprayed with chemtrails via commercial passenger airlines. Namely Qantas, Air New Zealand and many more. You can google Are Commercial airlines spraying Chemtrails over Australia?

    • Yes…we know what’s happening down under. I caught an AirTran jet spewing chemtrails over my house…the story is on the blog….. Good tip. I’ll look it up.

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