We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook – Where Nobody Died 10

Veterans Today James Preston

Note: Dr. James’ most appropriate article was published several days prior to the 12/1/2014 release of the explosive documentary: “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook” by MEDIA SOLIDARITY

youtube-icon-square-66NOTE:   CLICK HERE to locate numerous mirrored Youtube uploads of the docementary “We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook”

Finally Some Really Good News

Busted:  FBI official crime statistics show that no deaths occurred at the Sandy Hook Event.

  • Bingo, all the Dots connect – Nobody Died at Sandy Hook !
  • This is truly Great news for all Americans. Yes, Happy Days can be here Again in America !
  • Shout it out from the Rooftops of America, NO DEAD KIDS !

Sandy Hoax 1Excerpts:

No Dead Lanzas either.

And there is also some substantial evidence that there were NO DEAD LANZAS, that is, no Dead so-called Shooter Adam Lanza and no dead Nancy Lanza either, his so-called mother. In fact there is substantial reason to believe that Adam Lanza or Nancy Lanza never even existed at all and were virtual creations as part of one of the greatest Psyops in history ever perpetrated on the American Public.

Not the greatest however which is now known to be the False-Flag attack on America on 9/11/01 which was initiated to create the false narrative needed to justify illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, un-winnable, perpetual wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sandy Hook Elementary School was closed in 2008 and there was no Internet traffic to that address after it was closed and vacated.

The most impressive fact discovered which quickly exposed this Sandy Hook event as a HOAX was that the Sandy Hook school was closed in 2008 and used for storage. It had been closed because it developed a known asbestos problem and it was far to expensive to abate it.

Now even the FBI official crime statistics showing that no deaths occurred at the sandy Hook “Event”.

A major Class Action Lawsuit will publicly unravel this Sandy Hoax Big Lie lie to be the House of Cards that it is.

When this major Class Action Court Event occurs, this will be a major turning point for America and for American History in General. No longer will Mainstream America be so easily duped by such pre-planned and coordinated False-Flag attacks and a supporting False Narratives dispensed by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) to cover them up.

No Dead Adam Lanza because he never existed at all, just like his imaginary mother Nancy Lanza.

You can’t be killed if you are a non-existent imaginary figure created as part of a false narrative related to a major Psyop against the American People. When this case fully unravels as it will for anyone who takes the time to read most of the following recommended articles, it will be like a hard slap to the face.

And folks will begin to understand that every single False-Flag event like this has an intended goals. In this case the intended goals were to create a believable pretext to gain more restrictions on gun ownership. And also to provide a believable pretext to obtain billions of dollars for the deployment of a secret quite sinister program in the public schools to Mind-kontrol our children, presented as a way to weed out disturbed children like the imaginary Adam Lanza, who never existed at all.

Before access to all the relevant facts is presented, those responsible for setting up this massive Sandy Hoax False-Flag Psyop, the groups responsible will be identified and why the Controlled major Mass media and the Federal and Connecticut state Governments have been so busty covering it up.

Sandy Hoax was a major FEMA/DHS Capstone “live-shooter” drill using a major custom written script by a Defense Contractor on behalf of the Mossad (IZCS) and the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) section of the CIA. It is a known fact that the Israelis set up and now run the Department of Homeland Security and also control FEMA. The Israelis are claim to be the World’s top experts of Terrorism and run anti-terror training for many major Urban Police Departments, often offering all expenses paid junkets to Police Chiefs and Police managers.   *** Continue – Veterans Today


  1. And let’s not forget what Eric Holder, Obama’s best friend and current Attorney General, said last month when he announced he is stepping down. When asked about his tenure as the nations top law enforcement official strangely he started with a statement expressing great disappointment for his inability to use the Sandy Hook crisis as a major event to force gun control upon the nation. He was admitting to his progressive liberal friends that he committed a major mistake – he let a good crisis go to waste.
    I also believe that what’s coming down the pike with Sandy Hook is the reason he has announced he’s stepping down. He doesn’t want to be in office when the sh_t hits the fan. [I believe Obama ordered him to go] The left will be beginning a process of falsely claiming he’s been the best AG this nation has ever had – but it won’t be enough to stem this tidal wave that is about to hit.
    As this false flag event begins to unwind fingers are going to point at so many people, that there is a great likelihood that as these democrats get caught, that they could begin outing the republicans for what they have done in the past in a game of tit-for-tat.
    BUT REMEMBER THIS: If and when someone decides to use the trump card against the republicans and come clean on 9-11 it will be a shot heard ’round the world – time will seem to stand still for a moment as people wrap their heads around the news – after that it’s Katie bar the door!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi everyone, little children were killed at Sandy Hook as a resident of Connecticut I can gladly take pictures of the school in full function or I can refer you to one of my friends that knew the girls personally that were killed, whoever wrote this article probably doesn’t even believe what they wrote and you’re just the idiot that read it and believed it.

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