Climate Change More Likely Caused by Chemtrails/Geoengineering 5

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Climate Change more likely spurred by Planetary Geo-engineering


Chemtrails Neighborhood-WatchAnthropogenic activity as the cause of planetary warming may be a hoax, but the planet is indeed getting warmer. The news here is that different from what climate alarmists have said for decades, such warming, at the rate it is happening, may not be caused by the burning of fossil fuels or industrial activity. There is a more powerful driver of global warming, and that is solar activity.

The sun has experienced lows and highs throughout its existence and so have all the planet’s temperatures. But on Earth there is a second component of global warming that is affecting the planet’s stability. Geo-engineering, which is the artificial modification of the weather over a determined area, seems to be directly responsible for the unusual weather and climate patterns seen in the last 15 years. The technique has been used for at least 60 years, the patents for the different kinds of Geo-engineering have been awarded for a long time and the application of the various types of planetary engineering have been tested exhaustively in laboratory and in open air.

The most popular of all methods of planetary engineering is the use of Chemtrails. Chemtrails are showers of chemicals poured over determined areas with the intent of affecting weather patterns. The use of chemicals such as aluminum, barium and strontium, which have been sprayed over the planet for the past 6 decades allowed military contractors to test the effects of such chemicals on weather patterns in order to produce ways to drive or control weather elements such as rain, storms, winds and others.

The project to manipulate the weather was focused on how military applications of Geo-engineering could provide advantages for the United States armed forces in any possible fight against potential enemies, but today other nations such as Russia and China also possess technology to modify the weather. The studies seem to have begun back in the 1940’s, and applications and tests began to run in the 1950’s. By injecting chemicals into the atmosphere, proponents of weather modification and its use as a force magnifier are able to make it rain, cause floods, prevent rainfall, cause droughts, create and direct storms and even cause seismic activity. (see link with list of patents).



  1. I wonder if the Columbus day Wind Storm in 1962 might have been a *test* project back when it was all new on the west coast to see if they can *steer* storms on a certain date to effect a certain population?

    The 1960s has had some very weird weather.

  2. By the way thank you for not forcing a cell phone number in order to comment.

    Even if I did have one I would not give it out to some third party to be tracked by. If that makes me paranoid so be it. It’s better to be PAIR a noid then just one a noid.

    Two are better then one! 🙂 🙂

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