Nightmare as Globalists Deploy “Full Spectrum Dominance” Technologies 17

NASA: Future Strategic Issues Future Warfare [Circa 2025] (PDF)

TruthStream Media: This PowerPoint/PDF file was presented by Dennis M. Bushnell, Chief Scientist at NASA Langley Research Center in July 2001 — just a couple months before the 9/11 attacks.  But much of the information that looked like science fiction in 2001 is now realized as a demonstrated, military operation against the American people and global population in 2014.

Drones, microwave, cell towers, 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), frequency weapons, nano weapons, binary bio weapons in food, GMO’s, AI, robotics and more are discussed.  But this isn’t a science fiction horror movie…these operations are now being deployed where decades of scientific research has been turned into a weapon against humanity and the natural world.  –

Elana Freeland brings us up to date on the evolution of “Full Spectrum Dominance” in her 2018 book: “Under An Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown”. (Amazon) 

First, we were seduced by the convenience of a wireless world; then, atmospheric weather experimentation in the guise of carbons “climate change” converted the air we breathe into an antenna. Now, the geoengineering we’ve been subjected to for two decades is being normalized as the “Star Wars” Space Fence rises around and within us. Is this the Space Age we were promised?

William Engdahl’s 2009 book provides the geopolitical agenda to dominate the world as US debt skyrockets and the promise of “full faith and credit” of the US dollar can no longer be sustained.

Much more than geoengineering to alter the climate – the global “chemtrails” operation is revealed as the Full Spectrum Dominance enslavement of humanity and the natural world.

Chemtrails Micro Dust WeaponsNot Just Spraying Aluminum and Barium Any More

Investigator, Cliff Carnicom identified self replicating Morgellons filaments as a fallout of geoengineering aerosols (chemtrails) ten years ago. How many more toxins are being sprayed today?  

Is the airborne version of EBOLA envisioned in this document already being sprayed over populations?

NASA - Future Strategic Issues and Warfare Circa 2025 -a

Dennis Bushnell MugThe presenter of the 2001 Power point is Dennis M. Bushnell (Bio) – Chief Scientist at NASA Langley Research Center who has authored several books (Amazon)

Bushnell nears his 50th year at the center having come to NASA Langley in June of ’63, drawn by the allure of the Apollo program and with an interest in high-speed gas dynamics.

“Today, he spends a good part of his time thinking about air traffic control systems and low energy nuclear reactions.”


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Love For Life  website provides more information and interesting comments


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  7. THE “NASA WAR DOCUMENT HOAX” EXPLAINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The promoter falsely claims that the “NASA War Document” is a “secret” government document discovered and downloaded (or “leaked”) from a “NASA website” which she claims proves that NASA and/or the United States government intend to develop (or are currently developing) and intend to use (or are currently using) terrifying, horrific, futuristic, high-tech weapons AGAINST the American people. But, these claims are not so.

    The “NASA War Document” is NOT what promoter claims it is, was NEVER on a NASA website, was NEVER “secret”, does NOT reflect existing or future high-tech weapons that NASA and/or the United States government intend to use (or are currently using) AGAINST the American People and does NOT reflect that NASA and/or the American government intend to kill all of the American people.

    Instead, what the promoter calls the “NASA War Document” is simply her “MODIFIED” version of a PDF reflecting a 2001 power point slide show presentation (WITHOUT THE ACCOMPANYING ORAL COMMENTARY THAT EXPLAINED IT). The power point slide show presentation was created by a NASA scientist for his presentation AT A 2001 CONVENTION OF MILITARY CONTRACTORS THAT WERE IN THE BUSINESS OF DEVELOPING COUNTERMEASURES TO POTENTIAL, FUTURE, HIGH-TECH WEAPONS THAT OTHER NATIONS COULD POSSIBLY DEVELOP TO USE AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE OVER THE NEXT 25 YEARS. The purpose of the power point slide show presentation was to introduce the thousands of representatives of the military contractors in attendance to potential, theoretical, future, high-tech weapons (AS DEPICTED IN THE PRESENTATION) AND TO ENCOURAGE THOSE IN ATTENDANCE TO DEVELOP COUNTERMEASURES AGAINST THEM (before those potential, future weapons became operational). Nowhere in the subject original document does it imply, suggest or state that NASA itself or that the United States Government were developing any of these horrific, potential weapons to use AGAINST American people. That false claim was made solely by the promoter and by her affiliate in the hoax.

    The original power point slide show presentation was written by Dennis M. Bushnell, Chief NASA Scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Langley, Virginia. Bushnell had been asked to speak at an upcoming CONVENTION attended by thousands of representatives of military contractors. The convention was hosted by the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), a trade association for American military contractors.

    The title of the Bushnell’s presentation at the upcoming convention was “FUTURE Strategic Issues/FUTURE Warfare (CIRCA 2025)”. Thus, Bushnell’s power point slide show presentation reflected what he THEORETICALLY believed could be POTENTIAL, FUTURE, HIGH-TECH WEAPONS THAT OTHER NATIONS COULD POTENTIALLY DEVELOP FOR USE AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BY THE YEAR 2025 (then, 24 years into the future). Bushnell created the subject power point slide show presentation AS A “VISUAL AID” FOR HIS ORAL PRESENTATION that he was to give in person at the upcoming convention. Bushnell first published his original power point slide show presentation TO THE PUBLIC on the “US Department of Defense’s Defense Technical INFORMATION CENTER [its REAL name]” website in July 2001, a month BEFORE the convention at which he was to speak on the subject. (So much for the “secret” or “leaked” document story.).

    Bushnell actually gave his power point slide show presentation on August 14th, 2001 at the “4th Annual Testing and Training FOR READINESS Symposium and Exhibition [its REAL name]” organized by the National Defense Industry Association (NDIA) which was held a the Rosen Centre Hotel (then, the OMNI Rosen Hotel) in Orlando, Florida. Thousands of representatives from defense contractors were present at the convention/symposium/exposition. The theme of the convention/symposium/exposition was “EMERGING CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES [its REAL name]”. The purpose of Bushnell’s presentation was TO ENCOURAGE THOSE THOUSANDS OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE AMERICAN MILITARY CONTRACTORS IN ATTENDANCE DO DEVELOP COUNTERMEASURES TO USE AGAINST THEORETICAL, POTENTIAL, FUTURE, HIGH-TECH WEAPONS that the American people potentially might face by the year 2025 (AS DEPICTED IN BUSHNELL’S POWER POINT SLIDE SHOW PRESENTATION). It is her “MODIFIED” version of the PDF version of this very power point slide show presentation that the promoter calls the “NASA War Document”.

    PDF metadata of the promoter’s “MODIFIED” version of the subject document indicates that it was “created” on “March 27, 2011 (10 years AFTER Bushnell’s presentation), that it was created by the promoter’s affiliate and that it was “LAST MODIFIED” (means last “altered” or “revised”) on January 23, 2013 (12 years after Bushnell’s presentation). This “MODIFICATION” of the promoter’s version of the document may have been benign (“harmless” or “innocent”) or it may been done to make the promoter’s version of this document better fit the narrative she was peddling (“NASA is killing us all with horrific, high-tech weapons.”). Other investigators have commented that the NASA logo that appears on every page of the promoter’s MODIFIED version of the document s is pixilated and of poor quality, something that would be unlikely If NASA itself had duplicated its logo prominently on every page of the original document. Only the promoter and her affiliate would know the truth about why her version of the subject document was “LAST MODIFIED” on January 23, 2013 and what those “MODIFICATIONS” really were. reflects that Bushnell’s original power point slide presentation was posted in the “PUBLIC DOMAIN” FOR THE PUBLIC TO SEE on the “US Department of Defense’s Defense Technical INFORMATION CENTER website [its REAL name]” (So much for the “secret” document story.). indicates that the subject original document was not posted anywhere else on the web.

    The promoter would have had good reason for misleading the America people about the true source of the subject document. If she truthfully admitted that the subject document was downloaded from the website of the “US Department of DEFENSE’S DEFENSE Technical INFORMATION CENTER”, then the subject document would not appear to be either “secret” or nefarious (both of which are necessary to create the illusion a “conspiracy”) and such would have destroyed the illusion of a “conspiracy” (because the government does not usually post written proof of its own conspiracies against its own people on ITS OWN PUBLIC “INFORMATION CENTER” WEBSITES).

    CONCLUSION: Thus, contrary to the promoter’s claims, THE “NASA WAR DOCUMENT” DOES NOT REFLECT AN EFFORT ON THE PART OF NASA (OR THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT) TO KILL ALL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WITH HORRIFIC, FUTURISTIC, HIGH-TECH WEAPONS. To the contrary, the “NASA WAR DOCUMENT” actually reflects an effort on the part of a single NASA scientist (and hundreds of American military contractors) TO PROTECT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FROM POTENTIAL, THEORETICAL, FUTURE, HIGH-TECH WEAPONS (exactly backwards to what the promoter claims).






    NDIA CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS BY YEAR showing the RECORD of the “4th Annual Testing and Training For Readiness Symposium & Exhibition: Emerging Challenges, Opportunities and Requirements, 13-16 August 2001″ (SCROLL DOWN TO YEAR 2001, GO TO 5th ITEM DOWN, SEE THE ENTRY DATED 13-16 2001.).

    ANALYSIS OF PDF METADATA OF THE PROMOTER’S “MODIFIED” VERSION OF THE SUBJECT DOCUMENT (Scroll down and read the comments of senior member, “Flamesong” beginning with the comment posted on “26-06-2013, 09:02 PM” and the following comment posted on “26-06-2013, 09:39 PM”):

    OTHER KNOWINGLY & INTENTIONALLY FALSE INFORMATION PEDDLED BY THIS SAME PROMOTER (Jeff Rense is NOT involved in the hoax and is NOT responsible for the claims of the promoter): (at 2:25-11:35) (at 45:30-49:15) (at 7:15-56:00) (at 34:30-37:00) (at 1:30-2:00)


    FINAL NOTE: Snoop4truth did not reveal this truthful information to harm the promoter or her affiliate. Instead, Snoop4truth revealed this truthful information solely to reduce the CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE that this (and similar) DISINFORMATION inflicts upon the American people every single day. Had it not been for the role of the promoter and her affiliate in creating and posting (and thereafter refusing to delete) information that they knew to be false at the time that they created and posted it, Snoop4truth would not have exposed the “NASA War Document Hoax” here. When it comes to public statements made to the American people, simply tell the truth.

  8. Regardless the debunking, Carnicom Institute has published conclusive evidence of environmental filament pathogens associated with aerosol emissions.

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