Israel Attacks USS Liberty in 1967 Then Attacks America Again on 9/11 6

USS-Liberty-banner-headline and Dees Liberty Illustration

UPDATE: Jerusalem Post confirms Israel knew USS Liberty was American – A 2004 transcript of an Israeli military tape published in the Jerusalem Post supports the claim in a new documentary that Israeli forces knew the USS Liberty was an American ship, as they attempted to sink it. (Activist Post – Ralph Lopez)


Al Jazeera –  Richard Belfield investigates the shocking truth behind a deadly Israeli attack on USS Liberty – Aired on 10/30/2014

Youtube – “The Day Israel Attacked America”

In 1967, at the height of the Arab-Israeli Six-Day War, the Israeli Air Force launched an unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty, a US Navy spy ship that was monitoring the conflict from the safety of international waters in the Mediterranean.

Israeli jet fighters hit the vessel with rockets, cannon fire and napalm, before three Israeli torpedo boats moved in to launch a second more devastating attack. Though she did not sink, the Liberty was badly damaged. Thirty-four US servicemen and civilian analysts were killed, another 171 were wounded.

Later Israel apologised for what it claimed to be a tragic case of mistaken identity. It said that it had believed the ship to be hostile Egyptian naval vessel. US President Lyndon Johnson was privately furious but publicly the White House chose not to challenge the word of its closest Middle East ally and accepted that the attack had been a catastrophic accident.

However, as this exclusive Al Jazeera investigation reveals, fresh evidence throws new light on exactly what happened that fateful day – and the remarkable cover up that followed.

Richard Belfield – Filmmaker’s view (Bio)

RICHARD BELFIELD Filmmaker mugI was first told about the attack on the USS Liberty in 1980 over dinner with a former analyst from the National Security Agency (NSA) in Washington DC.

Back in 1980, I promised my friend that if I ever got the chance I would make a film about it. Over the years, I pitched the idea to numerous broadcasters and always got the same response: eyes rolled upwards, usually followed by the statement, “Are you completely mad?”

Fast forward to 2009 and I was a guest speaker at the NSA’s biennial conference on historical cryptography, talking about an unsolved code on an 18th century monument in an English stately home.

While there, I went to two other sessions – both about attacks on American signal intelligence naval vessels.

The first was the capture of the US spy ship, the Pueblo (boarded by North Korean forces in 1968 – and never returned). The survivors of that incident were treated like heroes and feted on stage.

Book USS Liberty by James ScottThe next day there was a session about the USS Liberty. James Scott, who has written easily the best book (Attack On The Liberty) on the Liberty attack, was on stage and limited to his allotted 20 minutes. Ranged against him were three Israeli apologists, all of whom were allowed to overrun their time. Survivors from the Liberty affair were allowed to sit in the audience, but they were denied any say in proceedings.

As an Englishman, I was brought up with a strong sense of fair play and I thought this was a disgrace. It was gruesome to watch. First, the crew had been attacked in broad daylight by a close ally, then they were betrayed by their government and now they were being humiliated by the same agency many had worked for back in 1967.

Earlier this year, I acquired a copy of the audiotape of the attack as it had unfolded, the real time conversations between Isreali Air Force pilots and their controllers back at base. It had never been broadcast before. I went to talk to Al Jazeera and after careful consideration, the network commissioned the film.

On location, it all started with James Scott (who gets a co-producer credit on this project). When writing his book, he had already interviewed the survivors as well as many of the key people in the Washington political and intelligence machine from that time. The introductions he made would prove invaluable as we began filming interviews.

The veterans were extraordinary. One after another, they were generous with their time, uniformly eloquent and passionate and above all, honest in their recollections.

They all felt betrayed by the American government but were keen to exonerate ordinary Jewish people both in Israel and without, for any responsibility for the incident. Their beef was simply with the senior Israeli officers in the control room and their superiors higher up the command chain who had ordered the attack.

After a few days filming, I rang Elaine Morris, my producer back in London. She asked how things were going. All I could say was that the quality of the interviews was the best I had ever experienced in many decades in this business.

In Texas we interviewed Bobby Ray Inman, an intelligence officer with a glittering track record at the CIA, Naval Intelligence and as a former director of the NSA. My contacts in the UK intelligence world had always told me “he is one of the good guys” and I quickly discovered why. He was frank and clear. The top Israeli commanders, he explained, had known exactly what they were doing when they attacked the Liberty and when it came to holding them to account, the US government rolled over for them.

We filmed an annual memorial ceremony in Washington, D.C. It was emotional, visceral and tense, with survivors, family and friends gathered in the morning sun. Listening to a sole bugler playing the US Navy’s lament, ‘Taps’ is a memory that will never fade.

Years earlier, I had visited the US military graves in Arlington Cemetery but now, following the ceremony, I got to go there again with Dave Lucas, one of the survivors of the attack and a truly wonderful man.

We filmed as he walked up the hill carrying a wreath from the ceremony. Alongside him was a crew member, a Portuguese language specialist, who had left the Liberty in Spain just a few days before it sailed off up the Mediterranean to take up position off the Egyptian coast. He had been temporarily replaced for the mission by an Arab linguist. He wept openly for the comrades he had said goodbye to, never to see again. As we filmed the pair laying the flowers, an interview with one of the other survivors, Jim Kavanagh came suddenly to mind. “I went through hell,” he had said about his shipmates. “But they left this earth.”

Finally, we filmed on a sister ship to the Liberty, now moored in San Francisco. The crew hauled an outsized US flag up a mast for us. The flag – known as the “holiday colours” – was identical to that which was flown from the Liberty on June 8, 1967. It was huge, clearly visible for miles, and I knew immediately that no one could ever have been in any doubt about the nationality of the ship beneath it.

Watching the Stars and Stripes unfurl into the wind, I realised that I had got to keep the promise I first made to my friend in a Washington restaurant 34 years ago. (AlJazeera)

The Day Israel attacked America can be seen from Thursday, October 30, at the following times GMT: Thursday: 2000; Friday: 1200; Saturday: 0100; Sunday: 0600; Monday: 2000; Tuesday: 1200; Wednesday: 0100; Thursday: 0600.


  1. Al Jazeera??? Really – you’re going to believe THEM to bring Americans the truth??? They did get the radio recordings and the crews interviews but after that they missed (or avoided) critical information which has been known for years.
    Like the Gulf of Tonkin incident which was used by Pres. Johnson as the reason to go to war in Viet Nam and take 58,000 American men to their deaths; the USS Liberty incident was also planned by Pres. Johnson as a ‘false flag’ to pull us into the Middle Eastern conflict.
    Missing from this story are the communications from the 6th fleet brass who was told by Pres. Johnson to ‘STAND DOWN’. This happened several times until finally Pres Johnson grabbed the handset and screamed ‘I want that F_UCKING ship on the bottom of the ocean’.
    You see Johnson had made these plans in advance with the Israelis doing the dirty work. The plan was to sink the ship – kill the entire crew – and blame it on the Syrians or Egyptians or whom ever. That’s the ‘secret’ that our Gov’t doesn’t want the American people to know – and so – Israel has been using this as leverage ever since to get want they want from us.
    Oh, and the reason the Israelis stopped trying to sink the ship and kill all the crew? A Russian cruiser had moved into the area and began filming the slaughter. It was when that message was relayed back to Israeli command that the attack was called off. Why wasn’t that in this story above. It’s been testified to by the Israeli soldiers who participated that day!!!
    I’m tired of propaganda that paints Pres. Johnson as a good guy – nothing could be farther from the truth. Johnson was a son of a bitch. As Senate majority leader he personally blocked all civil rights legislation form reaching the floor of the senate for almost ten years until HE was president. He created the fake Gulf of Tonkin incident as a false flag to purposely get us into the Viet Nam war. He conspired with Israel to create this USS Liberty incident which flopped. He is the man who had everything to gain and nothing to lose if JFK were to be assassinated. Johnson ordered the hit on JFK. Johnson was the ‘front man’ for the military industrial complex.
    There are great videos on Youtube you can find by entering in search ‘USS Liberty’ and then ‘LBJ’s mistress’. Pres Johnson was an out of control, maniacal ass that no one could stand up against. If you did, he’d hurt you or your family bad and in the worst case he’d put a hit out on you. Now there’s the real story this Al Jazeera writer should get the scoop on!!!

    • While I *know* you didn’t get this information from every single place (as explained above — even the Russian in full view of the USS Amberjack which never moved to help them —OURS and the world’s only hope is that WWIII can be averted.

      YOU MISSED THE MOST IMPORTANT DIABOLICAL PART: McNamara had already sent out NUCLEAR armed jets to BOMB CAIRO. McNamara had to scramble them back first. And yes, he told the rescue jets from USS Saratoga to get their asses back and to stand down and follow orders.

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  4. Isn’t Hollywood prescient (or do you believe in coincidences and fairy tales?

    QUESTION: What movie hit the screen (Touch Stone movies) as its major summer BLOCKBUSTER for the summer of 2001? (Released May 21, 2001)

    ANSWER: Pearl Harbor

  5. ONE LAST COMMENT: (I can’t leave comments except as a reply?)
    I realize you are angry (like ME and what should be tens of millions —patriotic citizens—but what EVERY serviceman that has done COMBAT or has sworn an oath?

    Why are you BERATING Al-Jazeera for writing PROPAGANDA (with lies of omission?). First some of this information wasn’t known. This was written in 2014!!! Where were the media whores or political commentary buffoons? NOWHERE.
    You ACTUALLY have to research for MONTHS, watch every documentary, read books, etc.

    The most important thing: our once proud and might and brave country didn’t tell us the real Truth or even a kernel of truth, did they?
    They THREATENED these BRAVE, and BETRAYED REAL HEROES (with young children) with lengthy prison sentences, and hefty fines …or else!
    Not mentioned? Our own FIFTH ESTATE?? We haven’t had a free press since at least 30 years
    BBC did finally put out a documentary called, “Dead in the Water”.
    It was only approved if it on the lowest BBC-4 studio.

    I had a long post that apparently wasn’t allowed (because of hyperlinks) or thinking that it a cut and paste.
    It is my OWN work that *I* research, compiled, set up hyperlinks.
    It names names as to the Zionist Jews who sat with LBJ (and probably McNamara) to propose the idea (at the last). I named six of them, including Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas.
    I’m the one who mentioned the American ship USS Amberjack that the Russians were observing and did NOT come to their rescue.

    Of course, one you finish all and compile it turns into a c & p. I’ll stick to other forums like the youtube and do my best.

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