Look Up to See Why Most Contrails Are Really Chemtrails 8

No Engine Combustion = No Water Vapor = No Contrails = No Persistent Contrails = Chemtrails

No Contrails-aOnce again, the hypocrisy and desperate misrepresentations from FAA, NOAA, NASA and official alphabet agencies is glaring.

This past week saw meteorologists in Florida predicting a repeated pattern of warm, moist air and afternoon thunderstorms created by an Atlantic sea-breeze traveling west across the peninsula.

However, from daybreak to past 1 PM in Alachua County, Gainesville and U. Florida, the skies were clear and gradually transitioned from partly cloudy to overcast by around 2 PM.

During this period, Flight Radar24 reported over 100 commercial flights transitioning Alachua County within 30 deg above the horizon for viewing by observers on the ground.Flight Radar 24 logo

Despite the humid conditions and forecast for afternoon rain, aircraft were witnessed and photographed with no contrails or persistent contrails visible overhead for 7 hours (7 AM to 2 PM) after which the rain clouds formed to produce 100% overcast conditions.

Observations like this are made day after day with relative humidity (RH) above 30,000 ft. ranging between 20% to, less frequently, 50% RH.

On 6/16/2014, and despite the forecast for humid conditions at ground level to 15,000 feet where rain clouds are formed, Jacksonville reported RH below 30% at flight levels from 30 to 40,000 feet.

CFM56_Jet EngineThese simple observations coupled with data from weather stations confirm the efficiency of the high-bypass turbofan engine at nearly abolishing most normal contrail formations – revealing chemtrails as the official demon.

The high-bypass turbofan is a virtual propeller-driven engine that only requires 20% combustion (water vapor) to produce all necessary thrust.  The engine will rarely produce a visible contrail above 30,000 feet even with forecasts of high thunderstorm activity in the affected region.

Theoretically, this low-combustion and low water vapor engine (Series CFM64) is capable of producing a persistent contrail but only in the most extreme conditions of near “saturated” relative humidity approaching 100%.  But when you examine all the global weathersonde data available at the U. Wyoming back to the beginning of 2014, you may find no reports of near saturated RH above above 30,000 ft.  Zero!.

It’s very important to know that the near inability of the high bypass turbofan engine to produce a normal contrail dramatically reduces the probability that this engine could ever produce a full-blown persistent contrail.

This simple procedure is easily reproducible by amateur observers on the ground to demonstrate that chemical aerosols are being sprayed to mimic what the FAA and NASA disinfo squads would have the American people believe are normal water-vapor, persistent contrails.

Your awareness that aircraft have been secretly spraying toxic aerosols into your breathable atmosphere since the mid-1990’s should cause you to take immediate action to notify your elected representatives to take action to stop this damaging pollution..

You can start at the City and County level. Take advantage of the Sheriff’s department “iWATCH” program where crimes can be reported. See how we do it in Alachua County (click here)


Mythology of Sudden On/Off Jet Trail as “Normal”

Chemtrails Over Dry Lake California_01

How many on/off trails do you see over this dry desert?

Chemtrails on and offA few novice observers have been swayed by agents of contrail disinformation to believe the atmosphere at flight levels above 30,000 ft. can contain perturbed parcels of high relative humidity (RH) within a column of air dominated by low RH.

These “agents” will attempt to convince you that a contrail will abruptly start and stop when an aircraft flies through these “imaginary” perturbations of mixed atmosphere.

1) Perturbations of mixed atmosphere DO exist, but almost never at flight levels above 30,000 ft.  If the pilot encounters turbulance of vertical mixing, he/she will fly to a higher altitude to avoid the bumpy ride.

2)  “In the atmosphere, vertical mixing is sometimes discernible as a form of atmospheric turbulence.” (source) –  This is why jet aircraft are routed at altitudes above 30,000 ft. where turbulence or vertical mixing is least likely. Clear skies and absence of towering cumulus are positive for the absence of vertical mixing.  Discussions of vertical mixing are usually confined to weather events below 18,000 feet where surface temperatures warm the dense atmosphere and associated, volatile water vapor.  Vertical mixing of a rogue parcel will cause it to seek equilibrium with the dominant environment of colder, denser atmosphere. This action makes it impossible for a parcel of cold, dry air to exist for very long immediately adjacent to a column of warmer, moister air.

3) Verical mixing (perturbation) of atmospheric parcels above 30,000 ft. will have little effect on the visibility of contrails since the relalative humidity in each case will be approximately the same and well below the necessary high saturation of RH for visible contrail formation. Even in a theoretical case, the boundaries between parcels are sufficiently diffused where any affected contrail would exhibit a more gradual and feathered opacity over hundreds of feet – not a sudden and instantaneous stop and start with uniform density within only 5 feet.

It’s therefore, irrational to accept that sudden on-off trails are always a result of instantaneous changes in RH – especially when the skies are free from towering cumulus and exhibit a clear blue background.

So, in every case where the trail suddenly goes on and off is your evidence of a man-made mechanical switch in the chemical sprayer as opposed to the myth of plausible deniability presented by the “agents”.

Your Eyes Are a Powerful Scientific Tool

The morphology (shape) of the on-off trail adds more evidence to conclude chemical aerosols have been sprayed.

eye and telescopeNormal water vapor trails always exhibit a homogenous appearance resembling “steam”. Water and water vapor are simple H2O with no additional compounds to confuse the appearance. A chemical aerosol can be differentiated from water vapor by the presence of compounds with variable molecular weights detectable by normal observation with the human eye. The “chemistry” in chemtrails can frequently be observed separating into different layers and densities – a behavior completely beyond the ability of water vapor and resultant ice crystals (normal contrails) to exhibit.

Taken together, the sudden on-off trail plus the additional observation of chemical compounds separation (clumping, extrusions) is the slam-dunk for chemtrail identification.

Chemtrails on and off-exhibits


Since 80% of the air providing thrust bypasses direct combustion, the engine exhaust is not capable of producing the water vapor required to form a contrail.

Originally Posted at EXECUTIVE REASONING

Jet Engines From Zero to Ultrahigh bypass

The main products of hydrocarbon fuel combustion in a jet engine are carbon dioxide and water vapor.

In older designs of Ramjet and “low-bypass” jet engines, contrails were readily formed at altitudes above 26,000 feet when water vapor (produced by fuel combustion) raised the relative humidity past the saturation point of the atmosphere outside the aircraft.

Water vapor, blown out the engine exhaust would form a visible contrail of ice crystals as it cooled at a distance of approximately one and one-half wing-spans behind the engine. Tiny particulates of sulfur in the jet exhaust would allow the super-cooled water to crystallize into the familiar jet contrail formation that almost always dissipated within several seconds behind the aircraft.

How a High-Bypass Jet Works

The efficiency of high bypass jet engine design is a radical departure from the older low-bypass engines.

Why Modern High Bypass Jet engines almost never produce contrails:

The term “high bypass” refers to the high ratio of thrust produced by air that is not subjected directly to hydrocarbon fuel combustion. Since 80% of the air providing thrust bypasses direct combustion it is not capable of producing the water vapor required to form a contrail.

At high altitudes this water vapor emerges into a cold environment, and the local increase in water vapor can raise the relative humidity of the air past saturation point. The vapor then condenses into tiny water droplets which freeze if the temperature is low enough. These millions of tiny water droplets and/or ice crystals form the contrails. The time taken for the vapor to cool enough to condense accounts for the contrail forming some way behind the aircraft’s engines. At high altitudes, supercooled water vapor requires a trigger to encourage deposition or condensation. The exhaust particles in the aircraft’s exhaust act as this trigger, causing the trapped vapor to rapidly condense. Exhaust contrails rarely occur below 8,000 m (26,000 ft), only if the temperature there is below −40 °C (−40 °F), and if the relative humidity is over 60%. (Wiki)


High Bypass jet engine design used in almost all modern aircraft are incapable of producing contrails

CFM56_Jet Engine

The CFM56 first ran in 1974[1] and, despite initial export restrictions, is now one of the most common turbofan aircraft engines in the world, with more than 20,000 having been built[2] in four major variants. It is most widely used on the Boeing 737 airliner and, under military designation F108, replaced the Pratt & Whitney JT3D engines on many KC-135 Stratotankers in the 1980s, creating the KC-135R variant of this aircraft. It is also the only engine (CFM56-5C) used to power the Airbus A340-200 and 300 series. The engine (CFM56-5A and 5B) is also fitted to Airbus A320 series aircraft. (Wiki)



  1. Here’s another approach to get Senators off their butts to do something about Chemtrails. Write and offer to personally serve them as their in-field investigators. My Senator Feinstein is totally out of the loop and needs to know it. Your Senator probably is too.

    Dear Senator Feinstein,

    If you choose, I will serve you as a personal investigator to report and document in a reasonably convincing matter what’s really going on globally in case you really believe these agencies giving you the information you just shared with me (see below).

    You are giving out incorrect information. As a former fighter pilot in the USMC I assure you, the information you are being given by those listed government agencies, is only partially correct and grossly misleading to the point of fraud and/or intentional deception by those agencies.

    It makes you appear out of the loop, naive, and not aware.

    Times are changing and the public is becoming alert and aware to the massive level of deception and lies these agencies regularly offer our elected officials. You must dig deeper for the greater public good. We can deal with the truth. I will work and look forward to the day when your office can fulfill the mission I know you want it to fulfill, i.e., open transparency, non-deceptive and not intentionally misleading information being passed along. Dig deeper for the public good please. It’s time for full disclosure on these matters.

    Most Respectfully Submitted

    Rich Buckley

    —- Message From Office of Senator Feinstein 6/17/2014 —-

    Dear Rich:

    Thank you for writing to express your concern regarding condensation trails which appear behind jet aircraft engine. I appreciate the time you took to write, and I welcome the opportunity to respond.

    A 2000 study completed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) concluded that the trails behind jet engines are composed mainly of water and do not pose health risks to humans. They do, however, affect the level of clouds in the atmosphere and may consequently affect ambient temperatures.

    This report found that condensation trails, or contrails, are line-shaped clouds which are produced by the combination of water vapor in aircraft engine exhaust and low ambient temperatures in the atmosphere at high altitudes. Depending on the temperature and humidity, these trails may evaporate quickly or expand into large cloud formations. I appreciate knowing of your concerns regarding condensation trails from aircraft, and I will be sure to keep your thoughts in mind should Congress consider legislation on this matter.

    Again, thank you for writing. If you have any further questions or comments, please contact my office in Washington, D.C. at(202) 224-3841. Best regards.

    Sincerely yours,
    Dianne Feinstein
    United States Senator

    • Ha!…This appears to be a boiler-plate reply sent out by Feinstein’s science advisors, probably thousands of times. Congress are now hiding behind staff to deflect accountability. Game over.

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    • @ Willem: The Schumann study for the formation of contrails is correct but has little to do with formation of PERSISTENT CONTRAILS where atmospheric conditions of high relative humidity are required to drive the creation of artificial clouds. Persistent contrails are also different in that they do not require CCN to complete their formation…a critical detail that is ignored in the Schumann study.

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